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Bumbleride is a national stroller company with a strong focus on all terrain strollers and ergonomic strollers.

Bumbleride needed to get their brand in all homes across America, targeting those searching online for strollers. Initially press was a key target, but competing online seemed daunting. They didn’t sell products online at the time and all sales were funneled through dealerships. With a lot of orders to fulfill, they needed to be seen as the number one choice for strollers.

Bumbleride needed to gain attention for the brand and increase traffic through to their website. There were no page 1 rankings at the inception of the campaign either. We were to focus attention on 50 various key phrases such as, twin strollers, best twin stroller and all terrain stroller.

We put together a strategy that included a full optimization of site including strong calls to action on their ‘find a dealer’ page. Crafting content throughout, the user experience was enriched. A full list of competitors’ strengths was then analyzed, and a link program was initiated. Outreach to bloggers, webmasters and other online parenting portals was part of the campaign that helped Bumbleride gain authority and rank above its competition.

In the first year of the campaign, we helped increase traffic above 100%, from an average 20,000 hits per month to 44,000. By the second year, that traffic had almost tripled. By the end of the first 12 months, we had exposed Bumbleride to over 70,000 searches a month from hundreds of keywords and their variations, making them the sheer authority in their marketplace. We also increased their average visit duration to 3.5 minutes and decreased their bounce rate to 39%.