BrightHaus Digital Marketing Agency

Fox & Jane Salon

Brighthaus has been instrumental in the growth and development of this renowned Salon group.
From inception of the Fox and Jane brand, Brighthaus has been there, from designing the branding, logo and website to driving one of the most impressive digital marketing
campaigns today.

We initiated a full search engine optimization link building program, PR campaign and social media initiative to drive qualified traffic through to the site. We drove a fantastic social media campaign that resulted in over 13,000 likes with content that regularly gets shared. Our PR team secured coverage in Time Out, Allure Magazine, MTV and many other high scale media outlets.

Fox and Jane is three years into its life and in this time has expanded into six locations. Its website receives over 30,000 hits per month and each salon books out over two weeks in advance. As a direct result of Brighthaus’ work, we helped Fox and Jane Salon grow into a multimillion dollar company within 12 months.