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Google Takes a Leaf from Apple with Phone Leak

Before the reveal of the Apple iPhone 4, software engineer, Gray Powell, left a working prototype of the device in a duo shop and pub called The Gourmet Haus Staudt while enjoying a few drinks. The NCSU graduate had stopped in to grab a beer or two with friends on his birthday and accidentally left […]

iOS 11.3 Brings New Features to Apple Device Owners

On March 28th, Apple launched their update to iOS 11.3, much to the rejoicing of iPhone owners. The latest update features several new tools, including those marketing directly toward the business world. Some of the features are meant to enhance business related features, increasing client awareness and convenience, while others seem to be designed simply […]

Apple News Making Waves This Month

Apple is known for their continued use of comfortable designs in both mobile devices and computers, asking the age-old question, “Why change a good thing?” For those who have become used to this progression of Apple technology, the latest updates from the tech giant might be surprising. From phone casings to economic MacBooks, there are […]

Apple Launches iWatch?

It’s been announced that Apple filed a patent for what seems to be a touch screen wrist watch that is flexible to enough to bend. The patent was filed in August 2011. The suspected iWatch could also be around 9 inches in size. So just what are Apple up to? Patents aren’t really anything to […]