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10 Awesome Sites with Free Stock Photos.

We had a few run in’s with Getty Images recently, man was that’s a pain! To explain, Getty and other companies are buying the rights to images or are running scans on images all across the internet to find infringement.  Unfortunately if you are found using the photos, they skip the cease and desist and […]

Why Your Coding May Be Killing Your SEO

CMS or Content Management Systems have come to rule the roost when it comes to modern web-design. With websites considered a must for any business and one-person companies flourishing online the number of people looking to build sites for themselves is only going up and in order to keep up with trends in web-design, coding […]

Choosing a CMS

We are always talking about marketing here at the haus, but what if you are completely new to the game of websites, or you simply want a re-design? How do you determine what the best platform is to use for said website? There are several factors that you may want to consider including usability and […]