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4 Basic Blogger Mistakes You Might be Making

Blogs are one of the most basic forms of digital advertising and have been around since the dawn of the internet – or so it seems. From their humble beginning as a social sharing and journaling tool to their current use as an information guide and business advertising method, blogs are a crucial tool for […]

6 Tips to Improve Content ROI

ROI, or return on investment, is the real reason any marketer advertises. The goal is to get back more revenue than you’ve paid in; otherwise, there’s no point in advertising at all. While there’s no fool-proof marketing strategy available, you can come close by thoroughly researching the market, creating a well-structured marketing plan, and staying […]

5 Habits You Need to be Successful in Content Creation

The content you share tells the story of your brand. More than this, it’s what gets you noticed by new consumers and by search engines like Google. Content can be used to plant search keywords, launch a new product, share a promotion, tell a story, or engage with customers. The words you share with your […]

5 Marketing Habits to Adopt for Better Content

Most companies aren’t in the business of “creating content”, which makes it seem unimportant to post high-quality content all the time. The issue with this theory is that while your industry might be construction, your revenue still comes from a consumer, and consumers crave content. Content isn’t just some keyword ridden strand of text splayed […]

Blogging for Beginners: What You need to Be Successful

Blogs are by no means a new marketing tool, but they seem to be making a comeback. For some time, the video-blog, or vlog, was taking a front seat for content, but recently written blogs are becoming popular again. The most successful blogs include a variety of material and media and invite consumers to read […]

Blog Better with These 3 Tools

Blogs are a major component to digital marketing. Not only do they tell the story of your brand and offer something more substantial than a webpage to your customers, they also provide ample opportunity for SEO. Search engine optimization is a key component to a successful online business. With Google taking up three fourths of […]

Improve Business Content with These 4 Tips

Business content can be difficult to “sell” if you don’t put the right spin on it. Say you’re a plumber and you want your business to thrive and draw online traffic to your new website. What are you writing about? Something relevant to your business, of course. However, plumbing isn’t always a subject that every […]

Stock Photos: When Free Isn’t Too Good To Be True

Everyone loves free. For freelancers and marketers like us, it is free apps, free fonts, free Chrome extensions and free stock photos. But what comes to mind when you hear the term “stock photo,” let alone free? Probably a group of people in a well-lit conference room ‘working.’ Or a woman enjoying her salad a […]

Social Popularity Showdown: Dogs vs. Cats

Ah, it’s an age-old debate: dogs versus cats. Man’s best friend pitted against… a strange furry little creature that leaves all sorts of surprises in unexpected places. Personally, I’ve always loved both (RIP Honeybear), so I’m with this girl:   BUT this is a popularity contest, and we demand a winner! So, let’s dive into […]

The Top 8 Digital Marketing Posts of the Week

It may have been a short week with the Memorial Day holiday, but the search engine marketing world was as busy as ever. We have combed through many of the industry’s top blogs and put together a list of the top blogs and articles of the week. Without further ado… 1. 3 Crazy PPC CRO Hacks […]

Periscope & Meerkat – How to use Live Streaming for your business.

We are obsessed with the possibilities of Periscope and Meerkat.  Periscope and Meerkat offer live streams from an easy to download app.  Viewers can follow, chat, and “heart” your live stream instantly. Ideas:  Imagine if you’re a Salon and you could teach a braid technique in front of millions of people live? Live cooking classes […]

10 Awesome Sites with Free Stock Photos.

We had a few run in’s with Getty Images recently, man was that’s a pain! To explain, Getty and other companies are buying the rights to images or are running scans on images all across the internet to find infringement.  Unfortunately if you are found using the photos, they skip the cease and desist and […]