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5 Ways to Up Your Facebook Messenger Marketing Game

Facebook is a huge resource for business owners, especially if you’re willing to think outside the box; or, in this case, inside the platform. Facebook is a website built on the premise of social sharing, and it’s in this functionality that so many amazing marketing tools were born. What is digital marketing, if not sharing […]

5 Helpful Tips to Increase Your Facebook Following

Facebook has become a social media staple and a digital marketing asset. With millions of users worldwide, the site assists with brand awareness, customer engagement, and overall ROI. The key to successfully converting social media traffic into customers directly correlates with the number of followers you have. Therefore, more followers equal a greater profit. So, […]

6 Facebook Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

Facebook is one of the largest social spaces on the internet, bringing in millions in marketing revenue each year. While the company has faced some ups and downs over the past few years, there’s been a Facebook resurgence in the marketing world. Facebook offers several advertising features for business owners, varying in price and purpose. […]

How to Perfect Your Facebook Ad

Facebook has come a long way from the social connection tool it once was. Now, it’s a platform for families, friends, educators, and businesses around the world. It brings together all types of profiles and content, into one beautifully chaotic tool. Facebook Ads are one of the many ways Facebook makes money. They’re also a […]

5 Facebook Stats Every Social Media Marketer Should Understand

Facebook is one of the top forms of social media, despite their hardships throughout 2017 and 2018 with Cambridge Analytica. While it may not be the most popular among younger users, it still takes the cake in the marketing world with more than 90% of social media advertising flooding its pages. If you’re new to […]

Generating More Leads on Facebook 101

Facebook, like all social media platforms, can be used to fortify your business by building an online brand. Through news updates, promotional offers, and various other tools and techniques, you can bring notice to your brand and encourage consumers to share your brand with others. The best way to begin building an online name for […]

Facebook Digs Deeper into Your Personal Details

Facebook, a social media giant notorious for toeing the line of user privacy, has been in hot water before and it looks like they’re at it again. Well-known for the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal which allowed businesses and political parties to gain access to user information, Facebook is now seeking a patent to target families […]

Why Every Business Should Use Facebook Videos

Social media has quickly become the norm in advertising, whether you run a small local business or a nationwide company. Facebook, while not quite at the top of their game anymore, are still considered one of the biggest providers for social media ads and marketing campaigns. One of the more prominent ways businesses are choosing […]

Facebook Has a New Outlook on Low Quality Ads

Social media giant, Facebook, has taken a new stand on low quality ads, and it’s not good. The company has been penalizing those individuals and businesses which publish such ads. So, what exactly does Facebook mean by low quality? Well, it turns out that it has nothing to do with pixelated imagery or low definition […]

Facebook Updates Making Business Easier

2018 has been a big year for Facebook as it recovers from the 2017 Cambridge Analytica debacle it suffered last year. Over the past months, Facebook has released several new updates to make business and sharing easier and more convenient for all its users, with more updates on the way for 2019.   So, what’s […]

Making Facebook Groups Work for Your Business

Facebook has been taking a lot of flak lately for privacy related issues, but the truth is, modern businesses need platforms like Facebook to help grow. Social media has become the last stop in information sharing. Word of mouth is now done by sharing, commenting, and liking posts made by companies across Facebook. Looking for […]

Facebook is Losing Numbers in a Bad Way

Facebook has faced a cacophony of drama this year following last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. The social media magnate has been in and out of court hearings lead by the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Ongoing investigations, government requests, and cleanup efforts have been made, and it appears that the citizens of the United States have […]