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Facebook Updates Making Business Easier

2018 has been a big year for Facebook as it recovers from the 2017 Cambridge Analytica debacle it suffered last year. Over the past months, Facebook has released several new updates to make business and sharing easier and more convenient for all its users, with more updates on the way for 2019.   So, what’s […]

Making Facebook Groups Work for Your Business

Facebook has been taking a lot of flak lately for privacy related issues, but the truth is, modern businesses need platforms like Facebook to help grow. Social media has become the last stop in information sharing. Word of mouth is now done by sharing, commenting, and liking posts made by companies across Facebook. Looking for […]

Facebook is Losing Numbers in a Bad Way

Facebook has faced a cacophony of drama this year following last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. The social media magnate has been in and out of court hearings lead by the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Ongoing investigations, government requests, and cleanup efforts have been made, and it appears that the citizens of the United States have […]

Facebook Facing More Charges of Using Power for Evil

They may not be a real evil super force in some kind of alternate universe, but Facebook certainly holds enough power to be called a super force in ours. It seems that the social media giant is in hot water yet again in a law suit related to their privacy and advertising regulations. The Housing […]

Facebook Hasn’t Seen the Last of the Drama

Social media giant, Facebook, has seen some rough times over the past few months, and it looks like they aren’t in the clear just yet. From the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the accusations of creating havoc in Myanmar and India from last spring to the Russian meddling debacle reported only recently, the team at Facebook […]

Facebook Reveals More Secrets and Changes

Facebook hasn’t left the news headlines since its 2017 revelation that the company has been leaking user information to third party sites. The social media giant lost several high-profile users and celebrity accounts when it was determined that a company called Cambridge Analytica was collecting user data to strategize Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Other companies […]

Facebook Loses Key Player

Facebook has been dealing with a lot of heat due to scandals materializing seemingly out of nowhere, and with the latest court proceedings digging up dirt the public didn’t even realize existed. Now, it appears the social media giant will be facing the music one man down, as Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s long time Communications and […]

Facebook in Hot Water Again

Facebook, Google and other global leaders in the tech and internet community have been facing criticism as it came to light that their privacy protocols might not have been up to snuff. For Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it seems like the allegations are more severe than most, as Facebook has just been accused […]

Facebook Looking to Make News Feeds Better

Facebook has begun cracking down on the amount of fake news being posted to the site after individuals and businesses complained about clickbait and misinformation. The company has started the process by making it possible for users to adjust their news feed to block out these false news claims. This is meant to produce a […]

Is Facebook the Next to Revolutionize the Dating App

Online dating has been around since the dawn of the internet, with websites like Plenty of Fish and Tinder taking the front seat when it comes to finding love online. While social media has always been a way for individuals to reach out, meet new people, and even find romance, it’s never been marketed as […]

Making Page Likes More Meaningful

Businesses use Page audience data to understand what their followers care about. To make audience data even more meaningful for businesses, we’re updating the way Page likes are counted by removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from Pages’ like counts. This change ensures that data on Facebook is consistent and up-to-date. Removing inactive Facebook accounts […]

Christopher Wylie May Have Changed the Trajectory of Facebook For Good

If you’ve been online lately, you’ve likely seen the word “whistleblower” combined with a photo of a pink haired man pasted across the internet. This all comes down the biggest social media and internet marketing scandal of 2018. Facebook, a social media platform with almost 2-billion users, has seen a recent decline in popularity after […]