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Google Now Providing Access to Online Literacy Help

The internet has become the source of marketing and business in the modern world. While the new generations are fluent in social media and web design, many older generations are left without access to these new skill sets and it’s finally beginning to take a toll. For the past decade, some businesses, such as legal […]

Is Google’s Dragonfly Treading on Thin Ice?

Google is a known power player in the online world of gaming, search, and ecommerce, which is both impressive and intimidating. With other online giants, like Facebook, facing scrutiny over privacy practices and data leakage, it leaves many internet users wondering about how much Google collects and shares. Well, a recent report on Google’s new […]

Google Is Fighting Against the Right to Be Forgotten

When somebody is featured in an internet story, it usually runs around for a week or so before fizzling out, unless it goes viral and then it may take longer. However, even after the story fizzles and nobody’s talking about it, “that guy who won the lottery”, the story can still be found on the […]

Google’s Not the Only One with Its Hand on The Android Controls

Recently, Google has been in some hot water with Europe revolving around their alleged control of Android’s map and browser services. Although Google doesn’t create all android phones, such as Samsung and LG, their Android operating system is what drives them, providing access to the Google Play Store, Chrome browser, and various other Google-centric applications. […]

Google is 20-Years Old and Look How Far They’ve Come

Internet giant, Google, has become a staple in homes around the world, with millions logging queries through the search engine, using their virtual AI, Google Assistant, and even making calls through Google phones. As massive as it is, raking in over 850-billion dollars a year, it might be difficult to believe that it all started […]

Google Feels Hot Water as Mastercard Deal Leaks

With so many financial scandals being linked to social media platforms, it only makes sense that search engine giant Google should see some bad press. It appears that the company is in a bit of hot water with internet users as the public just learned of a multi-million-dollar deal struck in secret between Google and […]

Google Is Being Protested By Their Own Employees

Recently, Google decided to make its way into the belly of China’s tech culture. While China has become a huge center for business and technology over the past decade, it’s also completely cut off from it in other ways. China is extremely restrictive of the ways their citizens can view and find information online. From […]

Google Takes a Leaf from Apple with Phone Leak

Before the reveal of the Apple iPhone 4, software engineer, Gray Powell, left a working prototype of the device in a duo shop and pub called The Gourmet Haus Staudt while enjoying a few drinks. The NCSU graduate had stopped in to grab a beer or two with friends on his birthday and accidentally left […]

Free Wifi for Nigeria From Google?

It looks like Google has made a power play with yet another grand gesture for human kind. The search engine giant will now be supplying Lagos, Nigeria with free public Wi-Fi. What does this mean for the most populated country in Africa? It means that what is considered a necessary global service will now be […]

Google Review Changes Impact Businesses

Google has been working hard to make changes under the scrutiny of the privacy crisis and fake user scandals plaguing social media accounts across the web. The search engine giant has taken the initiative to remove anonymous reviews from their business pages, much to the dismay of the businesses that use the tool. While this […]

Google Partnering with Doctors in New Medical Project

Google is known for their innovation in technology and internet practices, but the tech giant has decided to branch out even further, partnering with doctors in a new project. This latest endeavor is called Medical Digital Assist, and it will integrate AI with doctor’s visits to help improve wait times and registration processes for all […]

Google Assistant Getting Many Users Excited

Every tech giant seems to have their own AI these days, and Google is no different. Known to be one of the most lifelike of the virtual assistant’s, with its cheery morning greeting alarm, complete with time and weather announcement, it has a few changes this year which are said to make it even better. […]