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Google+ Ripples – Another Awesome Tool by Google

Have you ever stopped and visually pictured how something goes viral? Imagine one link getting submitted, then a couple of your friends share that link, then their friends share that link and so on and so forth. Why do some links stop while others get shared by 100’s of random people? Viral marketing has been […]

Why Google+ Should Be a Plus in Your Book

It has been a while since Google+ launched and the reactions that I have been hearing have been rather interesting. I wonder if it is based on the frustration of learning how to navigate another Social Media outlet. Perhaps, we are just so comfortable with Facebook and Twitter that the thought of adding ANOTHER player […]

Author! Author!: Google Authorship is good for SEO

If you’ve searched for something lately on Google, you may have noticed how some search results show a small thumbnail of a person next to the meta description. This is thanks to Google Authorship. Google Authorship links your Google+ account to the search result and shows that you are the author of the content. Why is this […]

Matt Cutts – Style Icon?

Matt Cutts.  Google Chief, tech whiz, style icon?? Matt is the head of Google’s webspam team and has quite an impressive background.  He has degrees in both computer and mathematic sciences, held top level security for the Department of Defense and also wrote the program that filters out adult content for Google.  He joined the […]

Just Plus It. The Step by Step Guide to Getting Your Business a Google Plus Page.

In the world of SEO, it’s becoming more and more apparent that social media is becoming a major player in where you stand in rankings. While tweets, likes, and shares are all important, it’s the “plus” you should really be paying attention to. Google is putting a lot of weight in a site’s involvement with their […]

Google+ Hangouts

By now, many of you have probably heard about Google’s newest app:  Hangout.  Most people will talk about how Google+ Hangout is a great way to connect with friends and family around the world.  It is a place to chat and share photos with many people at once.  But, did you know that you could […]

From Google Local to Google Plus Local

As many of you may have noticed and some may have heard, Google migrated (or is migrating) all Google Local/Places accounts to Google Plus. Google is doing everything they can to center their whole algorithm and internet users around Google Plus. As mentioned before, Google Plus is becoming the new core of Google’s search algorithm, […]