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How to Tell Google You’re Sorry: Surviving Penalties and Reconsideration Requests

As my colleague James discussed last week, Google has recently added a feature in Google Webmaster Tools called “Manual Actions” that alerts you if your site has received a manual penalty from Google. What this is, how it should be address and what it means for the future of your site are all questions that […]

Google’s New Manual Actions Feature in GWT & Their Latest Attack on “Unnatural” Links

Last week, Google announced a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools where you can see if your website was manually penalized. This feature is called “Manual Actions”. To navigate to this section, sign into your GWT account and select your website. Next, click on Search Traffic then Manual Actions. There’s a 90% chance you will […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 2: Search Queries & Internal Links

As mentioned last week, I will be going through gold mine of site information that is Google Webmaster Tools and how to use it to your advantage. Since we the “Links to Your Site” section, let’s continue with the rest of sub menus that make up the “Search Traffic” section. Search Queries: This is the […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 1: Links Still Count

I often times wonder what it would be like to work at Google. With blog after blog dedicated to its every move, it would have to be amusing to watch as people speculate if and when there were updates and what every little change it makes means. I recently had this thought when the industry […]

3 Reasons to Speed Up Your Website + 6 Tools that Will Help You

1. The Search Engines Demand Faster Websites We hear all this buzz around the web-sphere about having to make your website perform faster for SEO. There has been many tests, speculations, recommendations and even demands to making your website faster for improved search engine rankings. In 2010, the Google Webmaster Central Blog stated this: “You […]

10 Reasons Why You Need SEO Now More than Ever

In the past few years there has been an increased need for SEO services, businesses are really starting to realize the necessity of SEO services  not only for online success but for overall business success as well. Currently (in 2013), SEO services are needed more now than ever. SEO services have been around for nearly […]

SEO Software – A Quick Guide

A cursory search on Google for “SEO software” brings up countless results. Many of these websites offer services that promise “guaranteed top 10 rankings on Google”. SEO neophytes must approach such claims with caution. While top 10 rankings on Google are far from unachievable, one must keep in mind how competitive a particular keyword is […]

2012: The Year in Google Updates

2012 has been a wild year for Google and vis-à-vis for SEO companies, as we scrambled to keep up with their numerous updates. Here are some of the highlights: January – Google updates their algorithm to devalue pages with too many ads “above the fold”. February – Panda is updated to screen out more low […]

Matt Cutts – Style Icon?

Matt Cutts.  Google Chief, tech whiz, style icon?? Matt is the head of Google’s webspam team and has quite an impressive background.  He has degrees in both computer and mathematic sciences, held top level security for the Department of Defense and also wrote the program that filters out adult content for Google.  He joined the […]

You Just Got 404’D

We’ve discussed the importance of being familiar Google’s Webmaster Tools and how helpful it can be maximizing your sites ability to be ranked and identifying any issues that may be holding you back.  As you build and expand your site, there will be times when pages get moved, URL’s get broken and your visitors may […]

To Disavow or Not to Disavow, That is the Question

It’s been all the buzz in the SEO world for the past few months. This week, Google released its Disavow tool, to the excitement of many SEO’s all around the world. By now, I’m sure you are asking, “What the heck is she talking about? What is a Disavow tool?” Before I can answer that, […]