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BrightHaus is Expanding its PPC Team

BrightHaus is expanding its PPC team and would like to hear from you if you fit the bill. We are a national Digital Marketing firm looking for an organized, experienced and motivated PPC Specialist to join our team of professionals. With over a decade of Internet marketing experience, we work with a wide range of […]

Restoration Hardware just killed it’s sale program, and profited in the meantime!

Last week , Gary Friedman of Restoration Hardware, one of this century’s most successful furniture brands, sent out an email to his customer database advising them of a big change.  They were killing off their regular sale events.  And by regular, I mean at least once a month. To delve in further, let’s take a […]

Hold Your Reaction

  “You got 16 angry face emojis on your last post” isn’t something you thought you’d be hearing, ever. Everyday people flock to FB to find out what’s going on in the world around them, looking to share content they resonate with and “like” things that matter to them. This week, Facebook silently rolled out […]

Pinterest- The Unsung Marketing Hero

Whether you’re looking for some home decor inspiration or how to cook the perfect grilled cheese, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on Pinterest. People use the platform to discover things that inspire them. The main reason people join the social media site is to save things they like for themselves but anything they “Pin” […]

The GIF is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Briefly known as animated images, GIFs have been around for over 25 years. But only recently has the GIF trend impressively reinvented itself. At the dawn of the Internet age, GIFs were normally scattered throughout websites built on Geocities or Angelfire, often characterized by small tacky clipart images that moved skittishly on your screen. But today, […]

The # In Your URL: What It Means & Why You Should Care

You have probably seen it in hundreds or thousands of URL’s but never considered its significance. That little # actually does quite a lot on a web page. It can have a huge impact on the way content is displayed and it can also have a huge impact on the site’s footprint in the search […]

Facebook Organic Reach: How to Win it Back

If you promote your business or organization on FB, you understand the importance of likes, comments, and reach. And for some time now, you’ve probably seen that your reach per post has dwindled to a minimum, little by little. Basically to the point that you wonder: Is anyone using Facebook anymore? Don’t worry, people are […]

The Big Data Drop

As we draw close to 2015, let the flood gates open. The gates of 2015 woes and the promise of 2016.  It’s always enjoyable reading everyones predictions and guesswork as to what is going to be the next big thing, in the next year.  But does it always ring true? There have been so many […]

How Apple TV is killing Traditional Media

I’m a fan of all media.  Well, almost.  But in 2014 and 2015 there was a radical shift on how I consumed media. It actually happened nearly a decade ago, but the shift has been slowly tilting across the past couple of years. I, like most other consumers want to decide how and when I consume […]

9 Tips for Hosting a Twitter Chat

As a marketer, I’m always looking for creative and effective ways to get my clients more exposure. Even if a brand has found their “groove” in a particular marketing channel, it’s important to try new ways of leveraging common tools to grow brand presence and increase revenue. One of the tactics that I’ve grown to […]

Negative SEO: What It Is & Will the Real Time Penguin Algorithm Help or Hurt?

Negative SEO has been a popular topic in the SEO world over the past couple of years especially after the introduction of the Penguin algorithm. While not a common occurrence, many experts have reported incidents of a negative SEO attack on their website, specifically in highly competitive spaces. Personally I haven’t seen it with any […]

You Got 6 Seconds

Everyone’s doing it, Even us. While Vine is well past it’s time in the spotlight, its still stands strong as a platform holding its ground in the creative landscape. Twitter launched the app in 2013, and since then it has skyrocketed with users, mainly due to its simplicity and its ability to be uber creative. […]