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5 Instagram Trends That Are Still on Point

Since its debut, Instagram has proven to the world that you don’t need to say much to get popular. The photo sharing social media platform provides the perfect place for selfies, gourmet meals, and sunset scenes to mingle online. This fickle platform offers so much in the way of visuals that it’s no surprise the […]

Instagram Activities Worth Trying This Year

Instagram didn’t take any time to become one of the most used forms of social media. With celebrity accounts, influencer posts, and plenty of aesthetically pleasing pictures to scroll through, it’s no wonder it gained such an online presence over the past few years. With more than one-billion users actively using the site, there’s certainly […]

5 Instagram Story Marketing Tips

Stories have become a hugely popular method of communicating with social media followers, especially for marketing purposes. For those who follow companies regularly, the mere fact that a Story feed will notify you every time something new is published is huge. That boon aside, there are many other wonderful benefits to Story feeds, and they’re […]

Make Your Instagram Videos Count with These Pro Tips

Instagram is a major source of income for hundreds of thousands of companies around the globe. With more than 1-billion users as of 2019, Instagram continues to grow, making it a promising enterprise for new businesses. While there are plenty of opportunities to get ahead using Instagram, there is one big problem with the platform: […]

4 Instagram Hacks to Get Your Account Noticed

Instagram has certainly made its mark on the internet, both as a social media platform and as its own separate entity. From teens to seniors, this photo sharing site allows individuals and businesses to upload and view various types of visual content including images and video clips. With multiple filters, editing tools, and messaging features, […]

4 Things Every Business Should Try on Instagram

Social media marketing might seem like old hat to some business owners, but there’s more to it than posting pictures and videos. In 2019, this style of marketing is set to become the most influential online advertising around the globe, and Instagram is coming out on top. After the rise and fall of Facebook due […]

5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Feed More Creative and Catchy

Instagram began as a way for friends to share photos in an image-oriented new feed, but it’s grown into so much more. As one of the most popular social media services on the internet, an app which was once considered a social tool only has quickly become a helpful marketing tool for businesses around the […]

Growing Your Business Through Instagram Stories

Is it Snapchat? Is it Instagram? If you haven’t been living under a rock, you are well acquainted (maybe not by choice) with one of the newer features that Instagram rolled out to its faithful users: the ability to create “Instagram Stories” *cough cough Snapchat for Instagram.* In an effort to get users to share […]

Instagram For Business

Recently Instagram has released its new business tools.     Instagram is exponentially growing and these statistics regarding Instagram usage are quite extraordinary.  There are 500m+ monthly active users, 300m+ daily active users, 4.2bn likes daily, and 95m+ photos/videos per day.  The significance of these statistics is that by creating an Instagram business profile you […]

How To Build Buzz For Your Company’s Social Media Page

  Is your social media lacking a little…let’s say– finesse? Feeling like you could use a facelift or maybe your brand is undertaking a redesign? What matters is that you keep your brand consistent with your online personality, because without that, who are you really talking to? As we all know, social media acts as […]