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Make Your Customer Service Shine with These Marketing Tips

Customer service is as important in ecommerce as it is in brick and mortar shops; even more so, perhaps, due to the inability to see your shopkeeper in person. In fact, some online shops have no real form of communication with their customers, making it difficult to determine how friendly or helpful a brand is. […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Marketing Relevant Over the Summer

The summer season opens doors to a whole new demographic and provides more reason to buy products and services. Depending on your industry and business model, it could be a huge increase in revenue if you play your cards right. Through email marketing, social media advertising, and more, there are so many opportunities to improve […]

Don’t Make These 4 Marketing Errors

Marketing is a huge industry, always has been and likely always will. The difference between now and previous years? The versatility of marketing methods. From traditional to digital and everything in between, it’s a veritable smorgasbord for marketers out there. With so many platforms to promote on, so many styles of marketing to choose from, […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Game

Email may not be the newest form of marketing, but it’s the ultimate form of digital communication, especially for business customers. While many young consumers are messaging mainly from smart phones and social media apps, your high-end business clients are more likely to shoot out an email when trying to contact another company. So, what […]

6 Steps to More Effective Infographics

Infographics are the perfect mix of written and visual content in a form which is easily digested and interesting to look at. Infographics aren’t all that new. It’s almost like an online pamphlet, giving you all the information you need in a quick literary-bite, complete with diagrams. Every infographic is a little different. Some are […]

4 Reasons to Delegate Marketing Tasks

Content marketing takes a lot out of a person, especially if you’re posting to multiple channels. Sure, there are various automation tools and apps which help you plan 5-10 posts ahead and schedule your updates. But this isn’t the same as having help creating the content that’s going to be posted. Writing blogs, creating videos, […]

Reduce Marketing Costs For 2019 With these 5 Tips

Digital marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Of course, if shouldn’t cost your company a billion dollars to advertise, but it can be pricey all the same. While there are some paid marketing methods which take time and money, such as pay per click advertising, others are free or cheap to use. Finding the best avenue […]

6 Tips to Improve Content ROI

ROI, or return on investment, is the real reason any marketer advertises. The goal is to get back more revenue than you’ve paid in; otherwise, there’s no point in advertising at all. While there’s no fool-proof marketing strategy available, you can come close by thoroughly researching the market, creating a well-structured marketing plan, and staying […]

Why Chatbots are The Future of Digital Marketing

Chatbots are automated messaging tools used to communicate with website visitors when live chat isn’t available. Some businesses use them for simple generic FAQs, such as business hours or return policies. Others use them to send an out of office message and communicate a return time. While you might think at first glance a chat […]

6 Tips for Improved Social Media Customer Interaction

In the modern digital marketplace one thing that hasn’t changed is that the “customer comes first”, or at least their engagement does. The way your customer interacts with you changes how your company is ranked on Google, who sees you on social media, and your overall site conversion. One issue many businesses face is how […]

How to Market Your Business Using the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel isn’t a new tool; in fact it’s been in use for decades, long before internet marketing was even a thought. Despite it being a well-tested tool, it still applies today. There are many different forms of the funnel, but the basic breakdown can be summed up in 4-stages. 1. Awareness: The awareness […]

Building Better Customer Relationships Online: 5 Tips from the Experts

With such a vast online marketplace to choose from, consumers are becoming overwhelmed with selection. While businesses attempt to keep up with customer relations online, some fall short, leaving shoppers wondering where they stand. In 2019, one of the major trends we’ve seen online is customer outreach through various social platforms, and new engaging content. […]