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Why Chatbots are The Future of Digital Marketing

Chatbots are automated messaging tools used to communicate with website visitors when live chat isn’t available. Some businesses use them for simple generic FAQs, such as business hours or return policies. Others use them to send an out of office message and communicate a return time. While you might think at first glance a chat […]

6 Tips for Improved Social Media Customer Interaction

In the modern digital marketplace one thing that hasn’t changed is that the “customer comes first”, or at least their engagement does. The way your customer interacts with you changes how your company is ranked on Google, who sees you on social media, and your overall site conversion. One issue many businesses face is how […]

How to Market Your Business Using the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel isn’t a new tool; in fact it’s been in use for decades, long before internet marketing was even a thought. Despite it being a well-tested tool, it still applies today. There are many different forms of the funnel, but the basic breakdown can be summed up in 4-stages. 1. Awareness: The awareness […]

Building Better Customer Relationships Online: 5 Tips from the Experts

With such a vast online marketplace to choose from, consumers are becoming overwhelmed with selection. While businesses attempt to keep up with customer relations online, some fall short, leaving shoppers wondering where they stand. In 2019, one of the major trends we’ve seen online is customer outreach through various social platforms, and new engaging content. […]

Market Your Business Visually with These 5 Tips

If there’s one thing the world has learned from social media marketing, it’s the impact that visuals can lend to a campaign. From Instagram photos to Facebook live video feeds, visual aids make or break the popularity of a post. There are many reasons for this shift in advertising dynamics, including the time it takes […]

Get Trending on Social Media with These 4 Steps

Trends aren’t just important on Google, where you learn about which keywords are most popular and what topics are being searched regularly. Trending is also a term used on social media for content which is being shared heavily or posted about frequently. You can tell what’s trending on Twitter, for example, by the hashtags in […]

3 Bad Habits You Might Be Making with Your Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of all business marketing, but let’s face it, with so many sites to post on and so many mediums to choose, it gets easy to post quantity over quality. Aside from the “lazy poster” tactic that many companies fall into the trap of, there are several other bad […]

4 Marketing Tools for Better Digital Content

The internet is nothing if not visual; from the latest and greatest Insta photos to YouTube videos and beyond. There’s a reason why consumers are so drawn to these forms of stylized content, and it has a lot to do with the way it catches the eye. For many businesses using social media as a […]

Your 2019 Marketing Plan: What You Need to Know

Every good social media marketing campaign starts with a clear and concise outline. Just as a writer begins every novel with a breakdown of a beginning, middle, and end, your online campaign should be laid out with all the basics like an easy to follow “how to” guide. Nobody knows your business better than you, […]

Branding Your Social Media Made Easy

Social media has become a staple of modern marketing, but it can also be the reason you slip beneath the radar of consumers. Your company begins and ends with your brand, and if you haven’t built a brand which is recognizable and resonating with your target consumers, you could be on your way to social […]

Marketing Tactics You Want to Retire in 2019

There comes a time for every company when evolving and improving marketing plans becomes a must. Sometimes, even the most tried and true strategies fall by the wayside, especially as technology continues to advance and bring new and exciting ways to advertise products and services across the internet. One of the most major ways companies […]

Why You Need to Start Holiday Marketing Now

Leaves are falling off the tree and the swimming pool cover is firmly in place, but it’s barely fall, let alone winter. So, why are so many shops already loading shelves full of stockings and candy canes? How come companies have started rolling out Christmas shopping campaigns? Why is it that the holidays seem to […]