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A new face online

The right for consumers to be forgotten both online and in company databases has been one that has been increasingly in the public eye in recent months. In the EU laws, are in the process of being introduced aimed at ensuring that consumers are able to re-gain at least some measure of control over how […]

Don’t Fake the Funk (on your Google+ Local page)

If your business has received a negative review on your Google+ Local page, the first reaction is to find a way to take it down. Unfortunately, Google has time and time again stressed that they do not take down negative reviews (unless the review violates Google guidelines), nor do they work with third party reputation […]

Tip: Reputation Management Using SEO.

Looking to fight the good fight with your reputation? Creating profile online can get you quickly ranked for your name – reviews on Yelp, etc have also been proving to help combat bad scores and are even showing up in Google Places.  Here is a list of Profile sites you can get on to help […]