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5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Long Game

Search engine optimization isn’t a short-term plan. It’s a long game, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated one. SEO is all about the current search engine algorithms and determining the best way to get on top. Google ranks websites on a series of very specific guidelines. Understanding how the system works improves your […]

The 4 Tips Your SEO Strategy Needs

Search engine optimization has become a focus of many marketing articles over the years. Plenty of tips and tricks have been thrown around, but despite numerous attempts, there’s just no way to trick or bypass Google’s algorithms. Fortunately, there are some tips out there which focus on genuine game changers. After looking through past updates […]

Start Generating New Leads with These 3 Tricks

Gone are the days when all marketers required were white papers. Modern consumers are looking for more, especially though social media avenues, which leads many business owners to creative methods of advertising and lead collection. One of the best ways to collect leads is through updates and opt-ins which require the user to offer up […]

Why More Businesses Should Be Using Quora

Quora is often overlooked as a source of online marketing, particularly as a form of social media, but in truth it can be just as useful as Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Quora is a question and answer site, where internet users can go to have queries answered by just about anybody. Of course, you […]

5 Ways to Encourage Customers to Watch Your Videos

Whether on social media, YouTube, or your main website, videos are a huge untapped advertising market for many businesses. You can use videos to show off new products, explain upcoming promotions, or just to draw traffic with unique and interesting things for your customers to watch. If you’re new to the video marketing concept and […]

Title Tag Tips for the Web Design Newbie

Title tags, for those who don’t know, are tags attached to the header of HTML code in a web page. It gets displayed when somebody searches for your site through a search engine like Google. Beneath the title tag, searchers will also see a description tag, which explains the page and what’s on it. While […]

SEO For Everyone: 3 Ways You Can Use SEO On Your Own

Search engine optimization has been around for years, and while it used to be an expert’s game, understood and utilized only by those in the field of online marketing, web design and search engines, SEO is now an “every man’s” sport. Of course, your marketing company is still going to offer further insight on the […]

5 SEO Tasks for The Coming Year

Summer isn’t over yet, but businesses everywhere are already vamping up for 2019. Understanding projections for the new year makes it easier to create and implement achievable goals. In the ecommerce industry, one of the ways you can prepare for 2019 is by anticipating coming SEO and internet trends. This is one of the many […]

How to Tell If Your SEO Isn’t Working Out

Search engine optimization has easily become the backbone of the ecommerce industry, helping businesses rank higher when consumers perform online searches. Many companies are choosing to enlist the help of an SEO specialist to advise them on ways they can improve these online rankings. This includes advice regarding keywords, content, and even website layout strategies, […]

Keyword Tips for SEO Starters

Keywords can go a long way toward the development of an online presence for your website and brand. Not only do they help the consumer public know what to search for, but they also promote traffic to your site. Keywords can be as general or specific as you want them to be, although most SEO […]

Ecommerce Strategies for The SEO Beginner

Ecommerce started out small with companies such as eBay paving the way for mega internet giants like Amazon to break the glass ceiling. Now, it seems like you can buy just about anything over the internet, and any company which doesn’t provide goods or services online is missing out on potential sales. Search engine optimization […]

Budgeting Small Business SEO

Not every company has the money to spend on hiring a search engine optimization team or putting out all the latest ads and marketing concepts. Small businesses, especially, don’t have the resources to beat out big brand competition when it comes to making Google’s top rankings. The good news? You don’t have to. In recent […]