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4 Trends You’ll See in the New Year

Social media might be the latest and greatest way to advertise, but its unpredictability makes it difficult to follow at times. With the new year perched just around the corner, it’s important to know what’s coming in 2019 in terms of social media trends, and how to begin catering your campaign to fit these popular […]

Building Loyal Social Media Followers for Your Brand

In 2019, the theme of social media marketing seems to be heading toward long-term goals. This includes follower loyalty rather than follower numbers. The age-old adage, “quality over quantity” comes to mind here, as more and more companies take the time to woo over real followers, instead of hoping to buy a crowd of Fairweather […]

Make Your Social Media Presence Shine in 2019

Social media has become an incredibly important tool for any business owner, big or small. With more than 335 million Twitter users, over 200-million Pinterest posters, and more than a billion Instagram followers, chances are your online presence is going to affect your business big-time. In 2019, companies will be seeing some more algorithm changes […]

Why More Businesses Should Be Using Quora

Quora is often overlooked as a source of online marketing, particularly as a form of social media, but in truth it can be just as useful as Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Quora is a question and answer site, where internet users can go to have queries answered by just about anybody. Of course, you […]

Turning Up Your Automation Game

Social media automation isn’t a new concept, in fact, an automated presence online has been around in e-mail form since e-mail first became a business tool. Now, social media is doing much the same thing, allowing businesses to keep in touch with customers, even when there’s no live employee to chat with, or post daily. […]

Why Every Business Should Use Facebook Videos

Social media has quickly become the norm in advertising, whether you run a small local business or a nationwide company. Facebook, while not quite at the top of their game anymore, are still considered one of the biggest providers for social media ads and marketing campaigns. One of the more prominent ways businesses are choosing […]

5 Ways to Encourage Customers to Watch Your Videos

Whether on social media, YouTube, or your main website, videos are a huge untapped advertising market for many businesses. You can use videos to show off new products, explain upcoming promotions, or just to draw traffic with unique and interesting things for your customers to watch. If you’re new to the video marketing concept and […]

4 Ways to Make your Content More Shareable

A huge part of online marketing these days comes in the form of shared posts on social media. Therefore, many companies are striving to create more shareable content. Shareable content can be anything from a contest to a photo, as long as it inspires consumers to send the post around from friend to friend. Social […]

Looking for a Social Media Manager? Here are 5 Tips

Social media was once thought of as just another way to communicate with friends and family, build online social circles, and post photos or videos of daily life. Now, businesses are beginning to understand its potential as a marketing tool and have begun using it to their advantage. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, […]

Don’t Overpay on Your Next Social Media Campaign

Social media has become something of a phenomenon in the marketing world. With humble roots in the art of sharing daily life with friends and family, social media has expanded into corporate culture with ferocity. Companies are now spending billions of dollars each year to market their brands through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. […]

Common Errors Companies Make Through Social Media

While social media has been around for decades, it has become an ever-evolving tool for personal and business use. Past social media users helped create the landscape we currently see online, and while it used to be a pretty simple platform to maneuver, the constant updates to policies and regulations has become thicker and thicker. […]

5 Ways to Improve Your “Live” Game on Social Media

Live streaming is one of the most interactive ways to communicate with consumers, and it’s become increasingly popular in business. Live streaming is used by social media members to share experiences with their followers or friends; whether at a sporting event, a concert, a wedding, or even a family barbeque. For businesses, it lends a […]