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Overcoming Social Media Challenges in 2019

It’s barely been 2019 for a month, and already, companies have been experiencing some challenges navigating social media. With the constant changes to algorithms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, it’s no wonder so many marketers are scratching their heads at finding the best way to take on the latest outflow of rules and […]

4 Ways to Make Social Media Your Business’ Happy Place This Year

Social media is the advertising medium of modern man, so it makes sense that you keep these channels as up to date as possible. This can get hectic and overwhelming as your following grows, interactions multiply, and the amount of daily content intensifies. So, how do you stay on top of an ever-growing resource and […]

Steps to Take Before Approaching Influencers

Influencer marketing is huge, especially across social media channels, and 2019 is projected to bring in bigger and brighter results for this style of marketing. Currently, more than 80% of online brands across the United States have plans to try or continue influencer marketing this year, and with more than 1.5-billion dollars spent annually in […]

Social Media Success in 3 Simple Steps

Even social media “experts” need a little help from time to time. This is because while marketing is a sales strategy as old as commerce itself, it’s always evolving. Social media is definitely the most modern way to communicate your brand to the public and stay on top of trends, but for those who are […]

Branding Your Social Media Made Easy

Social media has become a staple of modern marketing, but it can also be the reason you slip beneath the radar of consumers. Your company begins and ends with your brand, and if you haven’t built a brand which is recognizable and resonating with your target consumers, you could be on your way to social […]

Calming the Social Media Mayhem and Reducing Online Anxiety for Better Campaigns

Every marketer knows that social media can be a zoo if you let it get out of hand. From fake news and spam ads to viral memes and celebrity Instagram feeds, there’s always something going on and it’s not always positive. Making your social media marketing campaign calm, organized and happy might seem impossible, but […]

5 Ways to Market Yourself After the Holidays

Around the holidays there’s a market for just about any product or service, and anything can be promoted with the right hook. After the holidays pass and you edge into 2019, however, what can you do to recreate that holiday buzz in your social media marketing campaigns? There are different schools of thought on the […]

4 Trends You’ll See in the New Year

Social media might be the latest and greatest way to advertise, but its unpredictability makes it difficult to follow at times. With the new year perched just around the corner, it’s important to know what’s coming in 2019 in terms of social media trends, and how to begin catering your campaign to fit these popular […]

Building Loyal Social Media Followers for Your Brand

In 2019, the theme of social media marketing seems to be heading toward long-term goals. This includes follower loyalty rather than follower numbers. The age-old adage, “quality over quantity” comes to mind here, as more and more companies take the time to woo over real followers, instead of hoping to buy a crowd of Fairweather […]

Make Your Social Media Presence Shine in 2019

Social media has become an incredibly important tool for any business owner, big or small. With more than 335 million Twitter users, over 200-million Pinterest posters, and more than a billion Instagram followers, chances are your online presence is going to affect your business big-time. In 2019, companies will be seeing some more algorithm changes […]

Why More Businesses Should Be Using Quora

Quora is often overlooked as a source of online marketing, particularly as a form of social media, but in truth it can be just as useful as Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Quora is a question and answer site, where internet users can go to have queries answered by just about anybody. Of course, you […]

Turning Up Your Automation Game

Social media automation isn’t a new concept, in fact, an automated presence online has been around in e-mail form since e-mail first became a business tool. Now, social media is doing much the same thing, allowing businesses to keep in touch with customers, even when there’s no live employee to chat with, or post daily. […]