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Marketing Better on Twitter in 5 Easy Steps

Twitter hasn’t had nearly as much attention as Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Instagram for digital marketing. While it may not shine regularly, it’s still a strong social force on the internet, and companies should take advantage of that. For businesses which just aren’t sure how to maximize the potential of Twitter for marketing purposes, here […]

Using Twitter to Increase Site Traffic Organically

Twitter, like all other top social media sites, can be a great marketing tool if you know how to use it. You can use twitter to increase your website traffic, and what’s better: you can do it organically. Twitter users have a great blank canvas for marketing, and if you know what you’re doing, you […]

Twitter Facing More Troll Problems

Trolling is a form of online antagonizing, where anonymous, or not so anonymous internet users, insult and harass other users. Recently, Twitter has taken a stand against trolls, creating a policy which bans such negative behavior, and will even go so far as to block or delete accounts which take part in such actions. Unfortunately, […]

The Twitter Purge of 2018

It’s been a long time coming that Twitter made a purge of fake accounts, especially since their announcement earlier this year that they would be cracking down on bots, spam, and fake users. Twitter is one of many social media platforms where users can create accounts to socialize, advertise and essentially market themselves to other […]

Twitter Squashes Trolls with New Power Play

Internet trolling fast became a hobby for those amused by the discomfort and annoyance of others. Made easy by the mask of anonymity that online posting provides, trolling involves the posting of comments or topics which bother others simply for the amusement of the “troll”. While trolling began as a form of causing amusing disruptions […]

Twitter Emojis Deemed Beneficial But Underused

In 2016, Twitter took advantage of the world’s enthusiasm for emojis used by big social media platforms and chat software to create a new marketing concept. The concept, called emoji ad targeting, offered the ability to target individual ads toward users who regularly used certain emojis. This was specifically catered toward twitter users and their […]

Twitter Cuts Bots Back with New Rules of Use

Bots can have their benefits for businesses and advertising purposes, but what they really are is annoying, or at least, that’s the message that Twitter got from users and government officials following the 2016 Presidential Election which was flooded by automated messages from Twitter bots. Bots have been used for some time now as a […]

Tweeple Search & Why Twitter Still Matters

  Twitter has been on one wild ride the last 10 years. From being heralded as the next big social media network and a potential Facebook killer to being written off and everywhere in between, Twitter has seen it all. The last year, in particular, has been riddled with rumors about being bought out, and […]

How To Build Buzz For Your Company’s Social Media Page

  Is your social media lacking a little…let’s say– finesse? Feeling like you could use a facelift or maybe your brand is undertaking a redesign? What matters is that you keep your brand consistent with your online personality, because without that, who are you really talking to? As we all know, social media acts as […]

Google and Twitter Sitting in a Tree…

Image courtesy of Andreas Eldh.   If there is one thing that is constant in the ever changing landscape of the digital world, it’s that the Internet loves a good partnership. In the past few months we’ve seen unions between Twitter and Meerkat, Twitter and Foursquare, Twitter and Periscope, are you picking up on the […]

Four Free Online Tools I Can’t Live Without

These days, time can often be in short supply, especially for those of us in the Internet Marketing field. Countless start-ups have risen to the occasion to combat the ever-mounting challenges of time management, as evidenced by the wide variety of tools and apps on the market. But where does one start? In this post, […]

Three Insights to Transform Your Twitter Game

Today we’re going to look at Twitter from a Bird’s-eye view. The evolution of social media has changed the way most of us communicate on the web. Whether inspiring a generation of users to #hashtag #every #little #thing #they #do or empowering an Arab Spring, Twitter often finds itself at the center of some pretty […]