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Play Nice with Penguin

On April 24, 2012, Google updated their algorithm under the not-so-ominous codename “Penguin”. Penguin targets websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. But what does that actually mean? As an SEO Manager, here are some ways I’ve seen Penguin alter the search engine optimization landscape: Metadata It has become increasingly important to make title tags and meta descriptions […]

Sitemaps and SEO

Whether you’re clicking, surfing, or browsing either the depths of the web or scrolling across any given website, users require a certain amount of mobility as we travel from one page to the next. However, as user experience comes to the forefront of the online community, navigation becomes increasingly critical for users going from page […]

Resubmitting XML Sitemap (to GWT) After Fixing Crawl Errors

If you ever log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and notice that Google has experienced some crawl errors, it would be a good idea to fix them ASAP. When Google sends their spider bots to your website and finds errors, it not only causes the bots to crash into dead ends, it prevents them […]

How to Cache the Inner Pages of a Website

So we’ve optimized the site, begun building links, and are well on our way to those number 1 Google rankings.  We know that we want to build links towards the inner pages of the site as not to bombard the home page and get us blacklisted from every major search engine.  Now we have just […]

SEO and XML Sitemap

A XML Site Map gives Search Engines a map of pages that should be crawled on your site.  A sitemap can be used to stop spiders/spyders from crawling pages that you would rather leave out of search results.  It can also of course, get pages discovered. The xml sitemap is a very important tool that […]