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Improve Your Videos and Marketing on YouTube

You might be surprised to learn that after Google, the website with the most searches is YouTube. It’s a social media platform and search engine in one, bringing together internet users from around the globe. Video has become the top form of visual content on the internet with vlogs outweighing blogs and podcasts. For newcomers […]

Expand Your YouTube Followers in 5 Steps

YouTube is one of the largest social spaces in the world, second only to Google in volume of searches. More than 1-billion users, it accounts for 1/3 of all internet users on the planet. This is huge to digital marketers, widening your scope for potential leads and a greater audience base. Joining YouTube is easy […]

Market Better on YouTube with These 4 Tips

As far as social media goes, there’s never been any site more entertaining than YouTube. A streaming video site which allows users to become stars of their own reality clips, garner online fame, and even rake in some cash, has held the population’s attention for over a decade. Whether you’re watching funny animal clips, your […]

Google Disables YouTube Linked to Iranian Political Debacle

Google has taken a stand against political influencing, specifically those influencers who live outside the United States. Recently, a Russian led campaign caught the eye of Facebook and caused the site to revoke accounts from users suspected of coercing a group of protesters in the U.S. Now, it appears that Google is fighting back against […]

YouTube Makes Waves with More Content Restrictions, Video Ads and Live Streaming

YouTube, a video sharing website, has made new restrictions on content being shared, specifically content involving any reference to fire arms. This includes guns, gun accessories, offers of firearms, ammunition, or information on how to use guns. They updated their policies, saying that they will not allow any content which may lead to the sale […]

How To Build Buzz For Your Company’s Social Media Page

  Is your social media lacking a little…let’s say– finesse? Feeling like you could use a facelift or maybe your brand is undertaking a redesign? What matters is that you keep your brand consistent with your online personality, because without that, who are you really talking to? As we all know, social media acts as […]

Periscope & Meerkat – How to use Live Streaming for your business.

We are obsessed with the possibilities of Periscope and Meerkat.  Periscope and Meerkat offer live streams from an easy to download app.  Viewers can follow, chat, and “heart” your live stream instantly. Ideas:  Imagine if you’re a Salon and you could teach a braid technique in front of millions of people live? Live cooking classes […]

The Verizon-AOL Deal.

The Verizon-AOL Deal.  Why and what it means for you. Verizon, has approached AOL about a possible acquisition/joint venture.  While the companies have some similar services the most usual result would be the access to Mobile and Digital-video ads. Verizon has 100 Million mobile service users and 6.5 million broadband internet service users.  While AOL […]

How to Link YouTube with Google Plus

Every day, businesses are turning to YouTube channels as another tool in their social media marketing belt. Videos uploaded by businesses to YouTube can be instructional, advertisements… or, you know, this: Not only is this a great way to raise brand awareness and brand recognition, but there is always the potential for a video to […]