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Choosing an SEO Agency: Your Guide to Finding Your Perfect SEO Match

January 14, 2013

Since there isn’t a website called,, let me help! Like many decisions in life, choosing an SEO Agency can be significant. Not only are you choosing a company to give your money to, but you are also choosing services and people to work with.

Let’s start with the basics. Budgetary constraints can help place you in the correct direction, but they shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. There are many companies that offer a wide range of services and pricing. What kind of reporting are you looking for? If you seek data heavy reporting with multiple pages, you might be looking into the higher end of pricing, however if you are looking for highlights, keyword rankings, and traffic information, you may find that you will be able to go with an SEO company that offers more competitive pricing. At SEOhaus, package pricing is based on the amount of keywords that we will target for your campaign. The more keywords you add, the higher the price, blah, blah…you get it.

I also suggest, when choosing a company, that you interview the people that will be managing your campaign. You will likely initially speak to a sales representative that will give you all the information on packages and pricing, but I would also ask to speak to the person (or people) that will be managing your campaign. While clicking with this person isn’t the end all and be all for your campaign, it is important that you feel safe enough with this person to ask any questions that you may have throughout the campaign. Be sure to ask questions about reporting intervals. Will you receive an update once a month? Once a year? Once every 3 decades? What will these reports look like and what information will they contain?

Also, ask how they go about keyword research and how they choose the correct keywords to target for your specific website and your specific niche. How do they determine the level of competitiveness of their keyword recommendations?

Ask for historical data about the company, how long have they been around? This will give you an idea of their skill level. Companies that don’t know what they are doing don’t stay in business very long.

Lastly, ask for references. A good SEO company will have these on hand. Look for references who have worked with the company for a while and be sure to ask if SEO has worked for them.

Follow these few tips and you will find yourself in a healthy partnership with a company that cares as much about the success of your campaign as you do.