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Content is King

November 3, 2010

Everyone wants to be #1 on Google and is willing to pay SEO experts a pretty penny to help. Whether you hire a SEO firm or do it yourself, there are a variety of strategies to help a website climb to the top but one fact remains true: content is king. What your website says is more important than how you say it. Major search engines rank websites based on their relevance so the wording of your site is crucial to ranking for you keywords. 

Ways to improve website content:

1)      Be helpful. A good way to build back links is to have a useful site that people want to link to. Other ways include joining forums and writing meaningful comments. Make sure your signature contains your URL which will provide a valid backlink. Don’t just say something, say something worthwhile.

2)      Blog. Search engines love updated content.  Post once a week information related to the content of your site. This will make your site seem like an authority and you will be rewarded accordingly.

3)      Sticky. Make your website “sticky” so that people return to it for more information. The reason you read your favorite blog everyday is because it’s sticky with new information you find interesting. To get return visitors, add newsworthy info that is fresh and exciting to your website.