BrightHaus Digital Marketing Agency

Online marketing for restaurants is a unique challenge. Many of the core principles are the same as other websites, but the execution is vastly different. That’s why we apply a holistic strategy for your business:

Onsite Optimization / SEO

Restaurant websites tend to be smaller than other websites. It’s important for metadata, content, and other fields to be optimized. There is a balance between keyword-rich and keyword-stuffed – we help you find that balance by optimizing for search engines as well as users.

There are also many things specific to restaurants, such as certain types of structured data and the option to book online.

Local SEO

Many restaurant owners fail to market both on a national scale as well as a local level. This is one area of search engine optimization where directories can still provide value, but it’s also important to develop relationships with local influencers and publications.

PR / Outreach

Outreach for restaurants begins with local bloggers and writers, but it expands beyond city limits as well. That may be partnering you up with a well-known food blogger, getting coverage for an event, or sharing an asset with industry influencers.

Social Media

All social channels are incredibly important for restaurants, especially Yelp and Facebook. Because of its visual nature, Instagram might be a good bet for you as well. We assess where your social presence is, and we create a plan for where it needs to be.

Email Marketing

Customer loyalty is essential to success in the restaurant industry, and effective email marketing will keep you in the game. We can set up automatic campaigns to engage your customers as well as create special broadcasts to get people in the door.

Get more customers and grow your business with a strong digital marketing strategy.