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Does Keyword Capitalization Matter in SEO?

October 15, 2010


That would be the simple answer.  It seems Google is now putting more and more focus on the capitalization of words.  While this is a step towards increasing algorithm changes, it’s also a sign of needed awareness when optimizing a campaign.

I was reading a post from a few years ago on – the writer gave a good example of a lower case search vs. capitalized search.  His example talked about Apple vs. appleApple capitalized could be geared towards the Apple Computers we all know and love; apple without the capitalization could be a search for something more generally geared towards the fruit.

This issue was first brought to my attention the other day with one of my customer’s websites.

Our team solution was to go in and change back links to go with the lower case search that we want the client to display as.  I will see if the results make a difference and keep you updated.