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Don’t Fake the Funk (on your Google+ Local page)

February 8, 2013

If your business has received a negative review on your Google+ Local page, the first reaction is to find a way to take it down. Unfortunately, Google has time and time again stressed that they do not take down negative reviews (unless the review violates Google guidelines), nor do they work with third party reputation management companies. The next logical step then is to generate more positive reviews and get the negative ones pushed down. Businesses will often write fake positive reviews or have SEO or reputation management companies write them. Another method is to have customers fill out paper comment cards that are later digitized as reviews.

Google is warning business owners not to go these routes.

Google is all about natural, quality content so they urge that all positive reviews come from the customer’s first hand experience and are not posted their behalf. Furthermore, Google advises that customers do not write reviews on computers or tablets located on the business’ premises.

Businesses should send reminder emails that encourage customers to write reviews on their own time. Offering a discount to write an impartial review? Of course! This is business after all and why not give your customers a reward if they write up a review, be it good or bad! Don’t however try and offer a discount for a positive review, it seems desperate and your customer will see right through it.


1) reviews should not include links in the text,

2) they should be written about a specific location if there are multiple business locations

3) not be written by someone who currently works for the company.

By keeping these things in mind, your business can have quality Google+ Local positive reviews that will help attract new customers and ensure that your conversion makes it ahead of the competition.

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  • Kenneth Ford says:

    Reputation Marketing is very important for any location based business. You are not going to generate foot traffic if your online reputation is poor. You can get traffic to find you online, and lose business because of negative reviews. Major marketing research organizations have pinpointed the number of people who trust online reviews at 7 of 10. The only rerral more powerful than an online review is Grandma’s personal recommendation. So make sure you’re tracking what’s being said on line.

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