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Move Over Google Docs, Googe Drive is Taking Over

June 25, 2012

Many online users utilize Google docs because of its great features and ability to share spreadsheets, documents, videos, etc with other Google users. Within Google docs you can upload, categorize, and even edit files from any computer/browser. Furthermore, you and another Google user can edit documents at the very same time. It’s like having Microsoft Office accessible from anywhere, anytime, only it is online and sharable with friends/colleagues.

While Google Docs sounds like a great tool, as always Google is continuing to innovate and they are introducing Google Drive. Google Drive is an even better tool with more capabilities. Instead of just having web-based office features with Google Docs, we’re going to be able to have full storage for all types of files with Google Drive.

Here’s a video explaining Google Drive.

Here are some basic Google Drive features;

  • Access anywhere, from any browser
  • Next level Collaboration * sharing
  • 5 free GB of storage
  • Safe (secure) filing

Looks like there’s even more reason to have a gmail account now. FREE STORAGE YOU CAN SHARE EASILY! ENJOY!