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How We Stay Educated with the Ever-Changing SEO Industry

January 21, 2013

seo-agency-newsNo? Well I’m going to tell you anyway! The short answer is, research, reading, talking and absorbing with a pinch of intuition.

The long answer is this:

1)      SEO News – This includes information found on websites like Search Engine Land, SEOmoz, SEOBook and Search Engine Roundtable, to name a few. We visit these websites on the regular to see what others in our industry are discussing.

2)      Social Media – Besides following the websites mentioned above, we engage with others on Facebook , Twitter, Google+ this provides us with a constant stream of information and discussion topics.

3)      Website Traffic Analysis – While Google Analytics traffic can appear to be just a bunch of numbers and graphs.  This actually offers some insight as to what may be happening within the industry.  By looking for trends across all of our campaigns, we are provided with insight as to what may be happening within the Search Engines.

4)      In House Meetings – We meet at the beginning of each day, as a team, to discuss new findings within the industry. We also discuss ways to deal with them and new measures that we can put into place to better support your campaigns. Two heads are better than one, and a buncha heads are better than two!

5)      Google – Whether checking rankings for our campaigns, or completing a search for shopping deals, we are always looking to see what Google is doing.  We look for trends in the way that they display their information.

6)     Research – SEOhaus has a major benefit over our competitors.  Research!  We’ve been in this game a very long time and what comes with over 10 years of service and a current roster of over 600 clients? – A wealth of data!  That’s right – we have masses of data that allows us to track the Google Algorithm and it’s changes.  In the event a client should suffer a drop in rankings, we’re able to act fast to see what the possible cause was.  It’s research and data like this that gives us a good headstart on what the future may possibly hold to ensure a top steady ranking.

A major part of becoming a skilled SEO Ninja is being really aware of clues all the time.  We look for things that are out of the ordinary, and eventually we begin to think like Google. This is key. SEO is becoming more and more about providing an incredible user experience and making sure you have a strong web presence. All the rest is secondary.

This is one of the benefits of hiring an SEO agency. We get to be the ones to study and absorb the information so you can focus on the bigger picture of helping your business to succeed!