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Facebook Organic Reach: How to Win it Back

December 19, 2016

If you promote your business or organization on FB, you understand the importance of likes, comments, and reach. And for some time now, you’ve probably seen that your reach per post has dwindled to a minimum, little by little. Basically to the point that you wonder: Is anyone using Facebook anymore? Don’t worry, people are very much active and they’re not avoiding you.

They’re just not seeing you. Like trying to spot the panda amongst the snowmen, you can be pretty tough to find amongst the many on users’ news feed nowadays. On any given day, the average FB user can have thousands of posts served to them at any given time. Who has time to scroll through all that? Over the past year, FB has made many key improvements to the news feed in order to enhance user’s experience. The goal is to clean up and make it harder for spammy posts to surface and provide users with quality content that they actually want to see. Cleaning up the news feed has been a win for users, but a concern for marketers.

Plain and simple, increased competition amongst businesses has created a real challenge for finding real estate on users’ news feeds.

You might have already shrugged off the idea of setting aside a budget to use to “boost” your posts. But why would you pay for the reach that you once enjoyed at no cost at all? Or maybe you’re doubting your own marketing skills. While a few options like such might cross your mind and persuade you to take other actions, there is a simple way to obtain the same reach you were once used to.

Without using the ad platform or spending any money, you can still access and utilize the same powerful targeting tools in order to regain your organic reach. And here’s how:

Login to your FB page that you wish to manage, and go to settings.



Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.38.05 AM



Under the ‘General’ tab, navigate to ‘News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts.’ Go ahead and check the box and click save. When you go back to you profile and begin to draft your new post, you will notice a new icon to the right of the schedule button.



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This is your new best friend. Once you click on the new icon, you will see a window pop up with a plethora of targeting options.



Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.39.07 AM


Here is where you can target your content to a specific audience, ensuring that it will reach a higher number of people. Maybe you’re an e-commerce company that sells shoes and you want to promote your latest women’s running shoe. Choosing gender ‘female’ and interest ‘running’ could be a simple base demographic to target for said product.



Facebook has always encouraged brands, businesses and communities to promote themselves on their platform for free, which is no surprise, but there is no fine print that says there’s a price to pay once you decide to play.

Despite these concerns, in efforts to clean up spammy and uninteresting stories from timelines and show users the top quality content they want to see, it’s raised the bars for businesses and marketers alike who strive to leverage their business on the platform.