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Facebook Updates Making Business Easier

October 3, 2018

2018 has been a big year for Facebook as it recovers from the 2017 Cambridge Analytica debacle it suffered last year. Over the past months, Facebook has released several new updates to make business and sharing easier and more convenient for all its users, with more updates on the way for 2019.


So, what’s Facebook doing differently to make business easier online? Here are a few of the top new features business users are excited about this year.


Ads Which Offer Customer Interaction: There’s nothing like augmented reality and interactive ads. One of the updates Facebook is providing consumers is their augmented reality advertisements. Currently, these ads are still in their early phase, offering only minor changes for customization. The concept, however, is tried and tested, and it’s something users seem to like so far.


Imagine trying lipstick on before buying online. The latest Facebook tool allows you to do just that and more. Michael Kors and Sephora both have makeup ads which give the viewer the chance to test lipstick and other products before ordering. This could open doors to a variety of different products and services. Anything consumers need help visualizing can be tested online.


Instagram Shopping: Instagram is slowly becoming the new “it” social media star, and it’s not difficult to see the attraction. One of the latest features to hit Instagram and which is being shared across Facebook is the interactive shopping options. Instagram pictures hosting clothing, food, and even music, is now more interactive than ever, letting the viewer click the item in the photo and be linked to a page where it can be purchased.


This is a genius idea, providing the legwork to an entire new and different way to do business online. The various options for expansion are massive and complex and could be the new face of ecommerce. Could this possible turn into some sort of 3D printing scenario where customers can see and feel the product in person? Perhaps the next step will be virtual reality with eyewear which puts you in a virtual store where you can walk around and see what you’re shopping for online. The possibilities are endless.


Messenger Bots for FAQs and More: Messenger bots are fun little preprogrammed messenger systems which communicate with customers much the same as a customer service specialist might. They can’t access customer’s personal files or answer in depth questions relating to private accounts, but they can go over general information and frequently asked questions. Things like hours of availability, brick and mortar locations, current coupons and special offers, and more.


Chat bots can be used when real-time customer support isn’t available, such as weekends, late nights and holidays, or they can be implemented year-round with access to a live chat feed only when the customer requests it. You can link your chat bot from your main website, email signature, and more, giving customers the advantage of discovering your brand without having to hunt around for an FAQ page.


Another great use for chat bots being implemented this year is direct messaging coupons and special offers. Customers who seem interested in certain products or services can receive chat bot messages to their inbox, taking a more personalized approach to marketing. Those who aren’t interested can simply reply for the bot to stop.


Make Your Own Video: Businesses which have always wanted a video for their customers but weren’t sure how to go about making one can now do so with Facebook’s video creation kit. This feature was launched recently and allows you to make a video slideshow to turn photos into videos.


Text adding options make it easier than ever to show customers what you want to say, why your brand is important, and what’s new to the company. These videos are excellent for coupons and special events happening within your business, or just for a fun way to wrap up the end of each month and keep customers interested.


Facebook is Making Recommendations: This change might not be brand new, but it’s relevant. Reviews have now been deemed recommendations and they give users a better view of how past customers have experienced a product or service, what the rating is, how much they might expect to spend on average, and this sort of thing. It provides a level of transparency which is required in modern business for customers to be able to trust a new brand or company.


A great way to use this feature to your advantage is to interact with messages left on your recommendations page. Even if the feedback is negative, it helps to reply with a positive message and show other consumers why your business is worth buying from.


Using Facebook for business isn’t new, but there are always new features and apps on the go. The company has made a real effort over the past year to highlight business users and appease users who have been put off by the recent privacy scandals. With the mix of Instagram in the Facebook marketing mix, it’s become easier than ever to share your business with every level of social media user in just about any age bracket.


For more information on the latest social media updates, google algorithm changes, and online search engine news, check back over the coming weeks. As the online community progresses into winter and enters 2019, there’s an expectation that bigger and better things will be on the horizon for Facebook and other social media platforms in terms of their business usage.