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Facebook Video Made Easy

March 6, 2017

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Facebook Slideshow.

A new product known as ‘Facebook Slideshow’ is here and there is good reason for celebration. Gone are the days where you weren’t able to create your own videos for Facebook or Instagram. Now with Facebook Slideshow, you can, and they are quite elegant.

What: Slideshow allows you to create your own auto-play Video by simply uploading 3-7 photos. Yes, you heard that correctly. You just upload your desired photos or you can choose from Facebook’s stock image gallery (Shutterstock). You may choose the order of the pictures, the time duration for each slide, and soon you will be able to add in background music from a stock music gallery. As mentioned, this type of post will Auto-Play and captions can be added just the same way you would with a video.


Why: Slideshow is giving smaller brands and agencies the chance to finally compete in the video space on Facebook. Before Slideshow, only the brands/agencies with the time and the big bucks were able to produce and spit out endless amounts of video content onto your News Feed. With Slideshow, any size budget will allow for your content creators to create a beautiful brand story by quickly and simply uploading photos. Not only does Slideshow allow more players to enter the “game,” but the actual file size of each of these Slideshow videos is 5x lighter than your typical .mp4 video file, thus allowing Facebook users who have lesser internet connection (all over the world) to easily be able to load and enjoy the Slideshow.

How: You can create your Slideshow masterpiece by going to your page and clicking “Photo/Video” then clicking “Slideshow” OR you can create your Slideshow Ad in Ads Manager.


Extra: Slideshow will be directly compatible with your Instagram account, which will be extremely nice to have as it will auto-play, too. Talk about cross-device & cross-platform domination. Facebook notes that all of the Slideshow features will finish rolling out in July. This includes Facebook’s stock image gallery, stock music gallery, and others! This is one step closer to Facebook becoming a video-only platform. If you aren’t currently utilizing (successfully) video on Facebook, I suggest you start familiarizing yourself with Slideshow.

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