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Geek Chic is the Next Big Thing

October 8, 2007

In an age where everyone is almost constantly “wired” so to speak, via their cell phones, laptops, PDA’s and Blackberries, the new t-shirt, soon to be available for sale from, features glowing bars on the front that light up in waves when an IEE 802.11b or 802.11g network is in range-required batteries not included.

Next month, finding the next dependable wireless signal may just be as easy as glancing at the outfit of the person next to you. The batteries, three AAA’s, fit into a concealed pocket, for easy removal when it is time to wash the shirt. The glowing Internet signal decal, which is attached to the shirt with hook and loop fasteners, is also removable, but can go through the washer, as long as it is allowed to hang dry.

The shirt can’t tell whether the networks in range are open or encrypted, but this capability, according to Jennifer Kuropkat, spokeswoman for ThinkGeek in Fairfax, Va. is expected to change with future versions of the shirt., which also sells products such as the ThinkGeek 8 bit tie, LED faucet lights, and table top Wooden War Engine kits, is a subsidiary of, owned by Source Forge, which purchased the then virtually unknown startup in 1995. The site, with its user friendly feel and outlandish, creative products, is quickly becoming known amongst techies, geeks, and Internet users alike.

SEO, or search engine optimization, the practice of acquiring high search results rankings, or page rank, is sure to be influenced by the trend of Internet access t shirts, if said trend becomes popular. If people are able to constantly locate the best WIFI signal, then it goes without saying that their Internet usage will increase. According to the most recent statistics, 287 million people in the United States alone already have some type of Internet access, and this number is rapidly increasing.

If you are one of the many people who feel cut off if they are not constantly connected to the Internet, the new shirt may be just the product for you. Although you can’t actually access the Internet via the shirt, at least, not with this one, you can at least detect the strongest WiFi signal available, before you pull out that laptop, cell phone, or PDA. This feature, for some, particularly those who love innovative, attention attracting clothing in addition to constant Internet access, may be enough to sport the cheerful, cartoonish black t shirt with it’s fluorescent glowing signal bar logo.