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Generating More Leads on Facebook 101

January 21, 2019

Facebook, like all social media platforms, can be used to fortify your business by building an online brand. Through news updates, promotional offers, and various other tools and techniques, you can bring notice to your brand and encourage consumers to share your brand with others. The best way to begin building an online name for your company is through customer engagement. How do you get consumers to engage online and in turn generate more leads using Facebook? This article will investigate and outline a few key strategies to improve your social media game and turn your Facebook account into a real marketing asset for your business.

Post Links in Comments Rather than Content: As a business you want to use social media to draw potential customers to your own website, but Facebook is a business in and of itself. Meaning, Facebook wants the same thing, and what you try and redirect clients to your own site it takes away from the numbers lurking on Facebook. For this reason, and possible others, Facebook has a method of penalizing business users who post too many outside links in their content by pushing it to the back of the queue and making your content less easy to find.

To avoid this issue and the possibility of losing your content in the mass of online social media uploads, post any link you might wish to share in a comment rather than an update. By posting in a comment, the content itself won’t be flagged and other users have a better chance at finding your latest update online, complete with linked comment.

Take Your Business Live: Popup businesses have become a hugely popular means of cumulating a brick and mortar audience without a brick and mortar rental bill. One of the ways you can encourage activity at your popups and future online business, is through live video feeds during these events. Facebook introduced its live video stream some time back, and it’s caught on with businesses, regular users, and even celebrities. If you have something to say, chances are it’s going to be more interested if shared through video.

Next time you plan a popup event, or just want to promote a sale or activity going on online, use a live video feed to impart some personality. Show the world that your business is more than just a name and logo; it has a face, and people who care about it. The great thing about Facebook live video is that your followers will be sent a message letting them know you’ve gone live. At this time, they can choose to follow along or watch the stream later. If they watch live, they have an opportunity to comment and “react” during your feed. This means you can see what your consumers are saying and respond in real time through your video. It’s an amazing way to get involved when you can’t get out into the community, or if you have no brick and mortar business and only generate leads online.

Automate Your Messaging System: Messenger bots sound impersonal, but these modern tools have evolved into something far greater than a way to tell consumers you’re out of the office. Many chat bots link your customers to important pieces of information based on their queries. They can act as a frequently asked question tool or as an administrative assistant when there’s nobody live to take messages from clients.

Messenger bots can be personalized in many ways to function with your brand in mind. Much the way it’s recommended, you share links in comments, rather than main content posts, you can share links through messenger bot in genuine and relevant ways. Avoid adding links at random to every message sent, but do include them as answers to queries which warrant a response including a redirect. This improves traffic to your website, keeps customers informed, and acts as a means of interaction when you are unable to do so manually.

Spend a Little to Make a Lot: Boosting Facebook posts isn’t the type of lead generation many small businesses want to consider. It means spending money and can often be outside of the typical marketing budget. However, this type of spending on social media can pay off, especially if your content might have gone otherwise unnoticed. What does boosting a post do for your page? It puts your latest updates in the limelight, drawing attention to your business page for followers and non-followers alike.

If you’ve ever seen those ads pop up in the middle of your news feed, you’ll have a better understanding of how boosting works on Facebook. This type of advertising is paid for by the businesses that are seen in each ad. Some ads aren’t necessarily ads at all, but rather just a way for businesses or online personalities to share a new video or a promotion with their customers. You can use this method to get your brand noticed, build a following, and generate new leads when you’re starting to build an online business.

There are many ways to increase leads on Facebook and other social media platforms. As with most online content, the key is regularity and relatability. You want people to see your content regularly, and you want them to be able to relate to it and relate it back to your brand. Is it genuine, and is it saying something relevant to your business? These are the questions to ask when creating and posting content.