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Get Better Reviews on Amazon in 3 -Steps

April 8, 2019

Amazon is a major player in the ecommerce industry. In fact, it’s currently the biggest ecommerce distributer in the world. This makes it crucial for anyone hoping to sell through this channel to stand out from the competition. Amazon had over 1-million new sellers just this year, a huge amount compared to competitor sales platforms.

While placing items for sale on Amazon is as easy as creating an account and posting a product, actually selling it is a different story. Amazon is filled with distributors from a wide range of niches and industries. From books and clothes to tools and hardware, there’s not much you can’t find on this platform.

The biggest and best way to overcome the obstacle of a massive marketplace is by garnering reviews. As with any website, customer engagement is a huge contributing factor in the success of your business. You want your customers to love your products and their experience enough to write about it.

So, how does a retailer stand apart from the competition, get their products noticed and receive reviews in return? Here are 3 ways to get what you want out of

1. Be Kind and Customers will be Kind in Return: Your product might first appear to be your main purpose of selling through Amazon, but on closer inspection you’ll discover it’s your customers. Customers are the reason any business thrives, and Amazon is all about the customer experience. One of the best ways to improve your customer engagement and get them writing about your business is by being kind.

Customer service is a dying industry. With the invention of chat bots and digital marketing, even the concept of ecommerce itself, customers miss out on the human factor. You can be that missing link for your customers by providing excellent service. Something many consumers complain about when shopping online is returns, wait times, and products that aren’t what they seem. Even if you feel you’re right following a customer complaint, the way you handle it makes all the difference.

Companies which offer money back guarantees and one on one customer interaction are rewarded with reviews. Not just any reviews, but positive ones which draw in new customers and provide a jumping off point for newcomers to buy.

2. Sell Great Stuff: It might be easier said than done, but having a great product you can stand behind is the number one way to get a review. If a product falls apart, doesn’t look the way it did in a picture, or there’s any other issue which could warrant dissatisfaction, you could be in for a negative review. Not only should your product measure up to customer expectations, but it should be unique and worthwhile.

Products that make a difference in a customer’s life and stand apart from competitor doppelgangers are worth a second look, and a positive referral. Make sure there’s something about your product that makes it special. For example, if you sell custom made sundresses, a neat feature of your brand over others could be its versatility. If every dress is reversible, or every strap style is convertible, your dresses run a greater chance of being chosen over competitors.

This theory works for all products, not just clothing. Anything that could be customized or made unique is worth the money and the review. Therefore, many screen printing and engraving companies are seeing a rise in popularity. Customers love one-of a kind, or custom-made products.

3. Ask for Reviews: If you want something, ask for it. That’s how the saying goes, but it’s not always so simple…or is it? Getting a review could be as easy as reminding a customer that you enjoyed working with them and hope they loved their order. Follow-up e-mails are an excellent way to get this message across.

Sometimes, customers are too busy to review a product, others forget, and others still just have no idea they should. If more consumers understood what a review meant to their favorite brand, they’d certainly be more likely to engage. When sending off a follow-up email, tell your customer how much you enjoyed their business, and as a call to action, add something like, “tell us how we did by leaving a review here”, and link your page for easy access.

There are many ways to get reviews on your Amazon page. If you’re genuine, produce worthwhile products, and engage with your customers in a way you’d want to be engaged in, you’re more likely to succeed in garnering these reviews for your brand.

If you find you’re not getting enough reviews, look at your store front for potential problems. Is your layout lacking information on a product, which might lead customers to believe they’re getting something else? Is the photo of your product up to date and showing the item in its best and most realistic light? Do you have contact information and details on how to buy successfully? If any of these questions receives a no, it might be time for a redesign.

Being honest with customers always pays off in the end. Even if the truth isn’t something you thought you should provide. For example, if your product is a cheaper made item which resembles another brand, be open about it. Say something like, “our electric toothbrush is made using different materials than the leading model, but the technology is the same. By using lighter weight materials we’ve saved money so we can save you money! Get the same shine and whitening power at a fraction of the cost”. You’ve been honest about cheaper materials and saving money, but that it’s still worth the buy and delivers results. Your customers will be more inclined to review if you’re transparent.