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Get in on the Fun of Social Media

May 25, 2015

A bit of silliness never hurts your social media campaign

Admit it. You spend way too much time on social media. If you’re a social media manager like me, you can get away with calling it “work” or “research.” But let’s be honest. Those puppy photos you spend hours scrolling through is only research for a non-existent study of how much cuteness a human being can endure.

Social media was created to connect people all over the globe in a way that’s entertaining and engaging.  How many times have you found yourself complaining about a friend, former classmate or aunt who constantly posts the lamest, most boring stuff on Earth to Facebook? Probably more times than you can count, right? That’s why it is imperative for companies and businesses using social media to connect to their fans and clients to do something they might have never thought to do: have some fun!

Even if you think your company or industry is not the most exciting in the world, a bit of lighthearted fun with social media can hugely help a brand establish a tone and personality that pushes their popularity. In many cases, that leads to brand loyalty and an increase in sales of a product or service.

A perfect example of a brand using a bit of silliness to gain some momentum on social media is Charmin toilet paper. The brand currently boasts a Twitter following of more than 34, 000 and was named the no. 1 sassiest brand on Twitter by Time. Through their hilarious #tweetsfromtheseat and #CharminCourtesy tweets, Charmin’s social media managers take a product that could easily be ridiculed and gets in on the joke. They tweet irreverent potty humor that garners retweets, favorites and mentions, like these examples:




Their Internet savviness, quirky posts, call to action posts that ask followers probing questions like “Do you light a match or courtesy flush?” and accompanying illustrations of the Charmin bear looking adorable all have helped catapult the brand into  an Internet sensation.

Charmin’s use of humor many not be to you or your company’s taste, but the message here is to consider taking a lighter approach to your social media campaign. Facebook and Twitter thrive on shareable content, and brands that post pieces that resonate with people in a fun way tend to find greater success with their social media strategies.

Tapping into trending topics or anything major happening in pop culture in a humorous way is also a major boost to any brand’s social reach. For instance, this simple tweet from Arby’s Twitter page with regards to Pharrell Williams’ ridiculous hat worn at the Grammy Awards went viral.


I mean, look at those retweets and favorites! While your small company may not see that level of response, it’s entirely possible that with the right hashtags and tags you can find some new followers out there in Internet land. It’s just a matter of establishing a tone, zeroing in on who your audience is and not being afraid of a bit of silliness from time to time.

Obviously, it can’t all be jokes. You are trying to sell your product after all. But by mixing in strong call to action posts, mentioning trending topics whenever possible and creating a recognizable voice, you can see your brand grow into an Internet favorite. A cute puppy photo never hurts either.