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Google Assistant Getting Many Users Excited

May 12, 2018

Every tech giant seems to have their own AI these days, and Google is no different. Known to be one of the most lifelike of the virtual assistant’s, with its cheery morning greeting alarm, complete with time and weather announcement, it has a few changes this year which are said to make it even better. So far, the reports of user reviews are mainly positive, proving that Google and Amazon are once again on top of the AI game, causing Apple to run to catch up.

So, what’s going on with Google Assistant to make everybody so excited? Here are a few highlights. Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy, because you’re not going to want to miss this.


LG TVs are Gone Google

Most Android devices are Google oriented by default, so it should come as no surprise that LG is going the Google route with their smart TV. The new LG TV models are getting Google Assistant voice controls, so not only can you use your voice to operate your television set, but your television can talk back! The concept was announced back at the Consumer Technology Association Conference or CES 2018, announcing the new features, such as microphone and software which will allow your TV to communicate with you like never before.

The voice controls are available on the new 2018 OLED model, as well as the LG Super UHD LCD model of LG televisions. Commands available include the ability to play anything from a file on a disk to a movie on a streaming network such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. It will also allow you to control the volume, channel, brightness, and turn your television set on and off, all from the comfort of the couch. It’s like the invention of the remote control for the modern world.

While the new LG televisions will be the latest and greatest in Google Assistant technology, they were by no means the first. Smart TVs have been accessible to the Google AI system since last year when the Nvidia Shield and some Sony TV models began hosting the search engine’s home assistant application.

It’s not just common commands like pause and play that will be available to television owners; users of these newest TVs will be able to perform unique tasks such as “show me the weather tomorrow”, “turn off when the movie ends,” or “find this song from the movie soundtrack.” It will essentially allow you to keep your phone in your pocket for once while enjoying a program, even if there’s something you want to find or know during the event.

So, will this latest Google enabled device still link up with all of the other Google Home gadgets in your house? Intel says yes. So long as your lights, air conditioning, washer and dryer, and other appliances are already connected to Google Home, you can program commands from your television once it joins the army of technology around your house.


Commands are Changing the Way You Use Google Assistant

Okay, so now everything in the house is connected to your Google Assistant, including your whirlpool appliances. So, what else is new? Well, apparently the way you speak commands to your appliances has changed, according to recent reports from Google. It looks like whirlpool will be accessible through shorter commands than the long-winded ones used previously, which included the need to address the whirlpool brand specifically.

This change wasn’t designed with Google in mind, however; it was Whirlpool which made the decision to shorten commands after listening to feedback from users like you. In the past, commands were precise, like “OK Google, ask Whirlpool to start the laundry machine/preheat the oven/make ice.” Now, “start the laundry,” will be a sufficient command. This will include all of the brands beneath the Whirlpool umbrella, like Maytag and KitchenAid, making it possible for individuals with a variety of appliances to enjoy the latest tech. Google Home will make announcements as these latest developments come to light.


Google Assistant in Your Car

It isn’t just home appliances becoming more Google oriented, your car is also getting a makeover. Volvo has reportedly become partnered with Google and will include Google Assistant and other Google applications such as Maps and Play Store in coming car models. This will be implanted in the Volvo Sensus infotainment unit available with new Volvo vehicles.

This Google connection will allow Volvo drivers to control heat and air conditioning, music, and voice messaging to phone contacts while on the go and completely hands free. Currently, this is already a feature through the iOS system, putting Apple at the top of the car game. These latest Google advancements could help the search giant overtake their tech competitors this year.

Google has made their intentions clear when it comes to the car market; they’re looking to take over. Volvo is the beginning, but Honda, Chrysler, GMC, and Ford could follow, depending on which brands are looking to be outfitted with the latest smart car tech and fall into the Google Home crowd.


These latest advancements have been met with positive reception from Android users, and questionable responses from Apple users. It looks like it will be a battle of the virtual assistants in 2018, and nobody knows which will reach the top first. As Google and Apple battle it out, Amazon’s Alexa is still reaching for the top within the home market. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this and other AI updates.