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Google Begins include of Hierarchy (Bread Crumbs) Into Search Results

October 20, 2010

Hmm – So – here we are, Google is now including cache in the search results using Site Hierarchy. I’m watching my sites to see what happens next, will this help with dominating listings? Will this provide more unscored results for ecommerce sites? BreadCrumbs or BreadCrumb trails are a navigation method used in websites to help the user keep track of location within the website. Breadcrumbs are normally horizontal across a web page, typically below headers and title bars. They Provide links to each page the user has navigated throughto get to the current location. Hierarchical Site Structures provide a trail from the parent page. Home > Optimization > Premium SEO With the intro of the Hierarchy trail Google Search listings is aimed in giving better insight to the result. This also is for displaying the URL if its too long or to obscure. This was taken from the Google Blog: Today were rolling out an improvement that replaces the URL in some search results with a hierarchy showing the precise location of the page on the website. The new display provides valuable context and new navigation options. The changes are rolling out now and should be available globally in the next few days. Google is relying on site owners having breadcrumb navigation active on their website for it to be displayed in search engine listings, and it seems that the algorithm determines whether breadcrumbs better represent your listing than a URL. The added benefit of the breadcrumb navigation is that searchers can access any level of the hierarchy directly from the URL. It definitely gives searchers more freedom in their access to sites, but will website owners want all levels of their navigation accessible. It will force website owners to be conscious of the design and effectiveness of all pages in the hierarchy, rather than just key destination pages What do you think of the new breadcrumbs in search engine listings?