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Google Fiber : An Internet Gamechanger

June 29, 2013

I think we can all say that Google has solidified its self as a household name for internet searches, and is now the go to verb for looking something up on the web. But when it comes to getting the service that actually allows you to access the web, it is not Google that springs to mind, but instead the vast amount of demanding cable companies and the headache that quickly follows when attempting to connect to our dear little Google. Cables, modems, service that goes in and out, and customer service that’s read straight off a notecard are more are common themes amongst those of us trying to receive the luxury that is quickly becoming a necessity. But wait my friends, a change is a comm’n, and its name is Google Fiber.

Looks like Google is ready to change the game again, and that game is going to be 100 times faster, look better and get this, free. Google is currently in the process of testing out its new broadband internet network in Kanas City, the first of three decided test cities (Austin and Provo being next in line). So what exactly will this new fiber optic network do once it finally reaches your hometown (and yes I said when, not if. This is Google people.)? It will provide internet service 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband, super quick Wi-Fi connections through your TV receiver, as well as seamless access to all over television content including 200 HD channels and Netflix.

Um ok Google, you had me at free. While there will be three different packages offered, one will be free basic internet for at least seven years for a one-time fee of $300 (or 12 payments of $25). While I guess this technically isn’t “free”, if you break the fee across seven years, you’re paying less than 12 cents (that’s one dime and pennies) a day.  Yeah, I think I’ll take that deal. The other plans range from $70 to $120 dollars a month and upgrade the perks to faster internet, cloud storage and HD TV.

With the excitement of what this service will offer and how Google will inevitably change the technological world yet again, the thought did cross my mind how this really could change everything. When the giant that now controls how you search soon controls your ability to get there, will a conflict of interest of sorts arise? Will businesses using Google Fiber magically get a little help with rankings? Will giving Google inside access to all that goes on in our internet world change the way search results are presented? While I know it will definitely be interesting to watch how the two intertwine, as they most likely will, I also know that I will enjoy watching every minute on my computer…for free.