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Google Friend Connect

December 8, 2008

With Christmas just around the corner, the battle for online supremacy has never been won, it is just starting to heat up for Google and Facebook.

Just recently, Google launched it’s Open ID style login option – Google Friend Connect,OpenSocials answer to FB Connect. Though still on its beta phase, it poses a great risk on Facebook’s own FB connect.

So what does Friend Connect do? Well, since it is solely based on OpenID, it works pretty much the same as OpenID as long as the users add the Friend Connect Code. They will be able to sign in using their Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID usernames and passwords. The Websites will also be able to add any OpenSocial apps developed by third parties.It also supports the OAuth data portability standard.

You might be wondering though what’s at stake if these two applications functions pretty much the same… The ultimate stake is what will become the identity and data portability standard on the Web, and who will control it.

As we all know, Google has become a major player in the internet industry BUT there will always be other players out there like Facebook who always play their cards right.