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Google Instant And SEO

October 21, 2010

About three weeks ago Google launched a new product in their long line of successful applications called Google Instant.  This application predicts users search queries and delivers the results while they are typing in real time. Users then have the option to visit a site or visit some advertisement about what the site offers.  For the most savvy Internet users this update instantly got people talking.  While some aspects of Instant will make your search faster, some added a good majority of Internet users are not excited about this particular new feature. Realistically, some SEO optimization companies are concerned that it may harm their process of search engine rankings, link building, and many other aspects to getting a site to rank at the top. And the damage that it can cause to the paid search advertising results could be drastic.

Google, however, was founded on paid search engine advertising and would not put that in any sort of jeopardy for a new consumer friendly feature to be added.  In addition, paid advertising and marketing is certainly about to change though, and Google Instant will immediately start serving more advertisements, because search results are instant as a user is typing their keyword or phrase queries.  This feature will be scanning a lot more advertising as searchers refine what they’re looking for to give a better outcome of the topic.  Now, whether they click on these ads or not will be another story entirely.

Looking to the future, it might be some time before the consequences of this application are felt by advertisers in a good way or bad. But to the dismay of companies that rely on applications like Google AdWords and Google Adsence to increase their search engine site rankings, this could have potential troubles for them in the future monetization wise.