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Google Now Providing Access to Online Literacy Help

December 5, 2018

The internet has become the source of marketing and business in the modern world. While the new generations are fluent in social media and web design, many older generations are left without access to these new skill sets and it’s finally beginning to take a toll. For the past decade, some businesses, such as legal firms and medical practices have been able to carry on focusing on the old way of marketing and presenting themselves. In a world of professionalism, the internet wasn’t always considered the best way to present yourself to the masses. Now, however, times have changed and companies who aren’t online are being left behind, no matter the niche or industry.

Google, a search engine giant and leader in online technology, has come forward to aid those who aren’t familiar with technology. Online literacy is a huge issue among older computer users its true, but these lessons are for everyone. Not having these skill sets can create quite a drag in a marketplace which is now focused almost entirely on online connections.

Google’s Digital Garage

Those interested in taking part can take the free courses online through Google’s Digital Garage. While the courses are free, they do hold a little weight for those looking to pad their resumes. Google has added certification to some of the courses, making the training a valuable asset to employers, or the unemployed seeking to land a job with some online marketing elements.

The classes feature a variety of skills and training focused on soft skills necessary for basic internet savviness. Anybody can take these courses and feel that they understand what they’re learning and how it can be applied to modern marketing. Education may not come cheap, especially in countries like the United States where college is leaving many students with mountains of debt before graduation, but these courses are perfect for any budget.

Qualified Google

So, what makes Google qualified to teach these types of courses? Apart from the company’s obvious huge role in the online world, they’ve teamed up with the Open University, Goodwill Community Foundation, FutureLearn, Open Classrooms, and other open educational forums for In-depth materials and techniques.

Some of the information students will have access to include public speaking, where students will learn how to organize a presentation before giving it, build confidence in tone and presence and successfully perform a speech or share a business plan with peers and management. Business communications, which includes the creation of memos, special projects, reports, and even e-mails, is also included in the learning materials.

Students can also hope to gain a better understanding of marketing design and storytelling, from the crafting of an idea to the expression of it. This will include the use of storyboards, idea trees and other structural guides to build outlines and deliver results. Finally, those who take the course will better learn how to market themselves and their business through networking and social interaction. In a world where social media makes up so much of the everyday communication, it makes sense for a course like this to exist where students learn communication and networking concepts for the internet community.

Classes are still being organized and updated with many new courses to come. Currently time management and international online marketing are on the docket, but this could change as Google determines what’s popular and what’s necessary among learners.

Around the World

Open university resources isn’t a new concept, especially in the United kingdom, although the United States is beginning to see more of these learning opportunities. Due to Google’s standing as a recognized and celebrated company in the internet industry, their courses should have a leg to stand on, so to speak, straight away. This isn’t always the case with open courses, as it can be difficult to fish out which are legitimate and which are fronts for paid courses and add-ons.

Google is encouraging students from all countries around the world to take part; although they aren’t currently available in every language, the content is consistently being upgraded to better fit the learning marketplace. Students from all over can come together online and learn about how to better market yourself in an online world.

These courses might be perfect for a beginner, but they can certainly benefit learners of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a technical analyst, a real estate agent, a marketing representative, or a high school student, the limits to what you can learn and how far you can go are endless with this type of open education at your fingertips.

Google isn’t new to the concept of generosity when it comes to providing access to the internet to the world. They have taken initiative in past projects to help share internet access in under privileged countries so that everyone has access. The internet has quickly become a human necessity, no matter where you are or what you do. Online marketing is by far the most popular method of marketing and has been growing in leaps and bounds since its introduction to the world.

Will Google be providing additional courses and learning opportunities to business owners and internet enthusiasts anytime soon? Currently, the only listings are those being offered to help with online marketing, but there’s always a chance Google will add classes on closely related fields, such as languages, grammar and writing, and even money management. Only time will tell. For now, you can find the courses through Google’s Digital Garage.