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Google Panda Update #24 – Life A.U. (After Update)

March 28, 2013

It’s been over a week since Google’s Panda did it’s thang and I don’t really have too much to report which, I promise you, is a good thing! We are seeing some mild fluctuation with keywords, but we are also seeing some keyword ranking improvements. This week has even shown some Page 1 keyword rankings, which weren’t there last week! I don’t want to be overly optimistic, but our research tells us that we just may be in the clear! Whew! I don’t recall it ever having been this simple with any of the previous Google algorithm updates.

Another thing I found to be interesting this week is that Google says not to expect any manual Google algorithm updates moving forward. There will now be gradual updates that organically roll out. This will prevent the large jumps in rankings that we have seen in the past. It will be nearly impossible to know when these will hit and it will help everyone sleep a little better at night. For this, I am grateful. On the other hand, because there is always an “other hand”, it will be slightly more difficult to determine what is causing keyword fluctuation moving forward, however not impossible. Because we are constantly analyzing traffic and keyword rankings, we will certainly be able to see, and respond to, these more subtle updates. We will just have to be a little more detective-like, but if anyone is up to the challenge, SEOhaus is!

Other than that, we have had a pretty mild week around here. Fingers crossed that things continue this way!

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