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Google Round Up: Delete Local Listings, Identify Spammy Links & In-Depth Articles Added to SERPs

August 6, 2013

Google Added Delete Listing Feature to Google Local

Google adds a new feature many businesses will appreciate. For a long time, if a listing was old, wrong or had any kinds of issues, the most we could do is suspend that listing. But that red alert was always glaring at us when we were in our Google Local dashboards. Well, it doesn’t have to be there anymore. We can now delete listings from our dashboards with a simple click of a link. Read More Here

Matt Cutts Tells Us One Day Google Will Tell Us Which of Our Links are Spammy

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google would just tell us which links are toxic to our campaigns when sending us penalty letters or when rejecting our reconsideration requests? Well, they haven’t yet, but Matt Cutts tells us that they are working on  something to help us identify our spammy links.

See More In-Depth Articles on the SERP’s

Google launched a new SERP feature. For some queries, you will get better search results (in-depth articles) helping you learn more about your query. It’s an interesting feature that we haven’t seen live yet. But we know it’s around because Google announced it here.