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Google Takes a Leaf from Apple with Phone Leak

August 6, 2018

Before the reveal of the Apple iPhone 4, software engineer, Gray Powell, left a working prototype of the device in a duo shop and pub called The Gourmet Haus Staudt while enjoying a few drinks. The NCSU graduate had stopped in to grab a beer or two with friends on his birthday and accidentally left the prototype behind. The device was disguised as a previous model, but still landed in the wrong hands, causing one of the few Apple leaks to date.

Now, it appears that Google is following suit, as a Pixel 3 XL complete and branded has landed in the wrong hands somewhere. No one quite knows how the phone came into the possession of the Ukrainian blogger who posted a full breakdown of the device and all its pros and cons, but it appears that someone at Google made a mistake somewhere because now everybody knows what this latest model is packing.


What’s the Deal with the Pixel 3 XL?

According to reports leaked by the tech blogger, it looks like all the specifications and interface descriptions are available online. So far, the public’s opinion of the reviews are mixed, with some consumers commenting with excitement of the upcoming features, while others are disappointed with some of the less advanced aspects of the device. For example, the phone is said to have a 2960 x 1440 pixel count running Adreno 630 graphics. This will be beneficial to a bigger than average display screen, making even large text and images clear. A dual selfie camera completes the package, making it a comparable model to many of the other brands’ new releases on the market. It will also be wirelessly chargeable.

While the phone has some definite advantages, it also has some drawbacks, such as a missing headphone jack, and there’s no word yet on whether an adapter will be available. However, the phone will come paired with a USB-C style headphone set for music and sound. The phone will also only offer users 4GB of RAM, which is a little disappointing to some consumers who have been reading about the future of the Pixel. An extra-large chin notch completes the cons list, making it impossible to include as many icons on the home screen as past models have allowed.


How it Compares to Other Brands

All in all, the new phone seems to have more positive new features than it does negative ones, but we have yet to see what public opinion will be when the phone goes live. Will it be enough to compete with the new Galaxy S10, or iPhone’s latest models with their recent price reduction making them far more affordable than they’ve been in the past? It’s hard to say as the Pixel is still at an entry level position as far as mobile devices go.

While Google has defeated the tech world in many ways, rising above top internet-based companies like Amazon and Facebook in some ways, they’re still falling behind in others. The latest Apple models had some of the same cons the new Pixel has with their inability to use average headphones, but in other ways they surpass the Pixel with the ability to buy RAM in a variety of shiny metal packages.

Samsung has been a front runner in terms of Android providers but may take a backseat if Google is able to get their act together with the Pixel. Since most Android devices run Google software, Google has an opportunity to create something completely their own, putting them on par with less public brands, like Apple. Only time will tell whether they’ll take advantage of this opportunity or remain an equalizer among Android phones.


Public Opinion on the Pixel 3 XL

It may be released in spirit alone, with no way to physically rate features or the packaging at the moment, but consumers still seem to have opinions on the upcoming Google device. Responses are mixed, with some potential future users claiming that this could be Google’s best phone yet, while others are complaining about missing features and problems with the external portion of the device.

One big point of contention among the consumer population seems to be the missing mic jack. While Apple users may have gotten used to this over the years, Android fans are usually able to use any headphones they wish with their devices. Whether they want to go with a basic set of earbuds or a professional D.J. sized set of Beats, Android users have had their pick. This argument may cease if Google releases an adapter, the way that Apple does with their iPhones.

On the positive side of reviews, Google fans are most excited for the new look, and have commented with hopes that Google will release new apps to pair with the latest phone model. Those loyal to the Pixel brand have also posted comments depicting excitement over other features of the device which may have been missed or left unmentioned by the recent review.


While Google is relatively new to the smart phone market, they certainly seem to have the potential to build their brand into a well-known and respected device producer. Who knows, maybe Pixel will be the new iPhone, and Apple will be the ones struggling to keep up in the future. For now, Google is left determining where the leak occurred and how to prevent them in the future.