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Google vs. Yahoo/Bing

November 19, 2010

Why is it that when we start an SEO campaign it seems extremely difficult to win over both Google and Yahoo/Bing at the same time?  When we begin to develop great rankings for one search engine, they often tend to drop for the other.  Accomplishing high rankings on both search engines can feel like trying to figure out a way to evenly distribute the weight between both parties on an incredibly unbalanced teeter-totter.  However despite the frustration, it can be done.  So why is it that Google and Yahoo/Bing pull up separate search results when we type in the same key term?

Search engines use algorithms that help them determine the placement of different websites.  Google and Yahoo/Bing, two separate search engines owned by two separate companies, have..yes, two separate algorithms.  So basically, each search engine places importance on different aspects of the SEO process when determining where a website will be placed.  For example, Google focuses largely on relevancy which it takes into consideration when deciding which links are valid and which links are not.  So you may have thousands of links, but Google might only count about fifty of them as valid.  Yahoo on the other hand is not quite as picky when it comes to inbound links but they instead focus more on the on-page optimization side of SEO.  They place a larger emphasis on a website’s content such as title tags, meta tags, and keyword density.  Because of this, it is generally quite a bit easier to build faster rankings on Yahoo/Bing.

As Google and Yahoo/Bing are the two biggest search engines out there today, it is important to pay attention to their different algorithms while striving to hit all of the major elements.  Finding the perfect balance between each search engine will help create a successful SEO campaign, bringing in traffic from search engines across the board.