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Google’s Market Share Increases

February 15, 2013

The latest comScore search engine rankings for January 2013 have been recently released and the fight to dethrone Google still continues. In fact, Google increased it’s share of U.S. search queries to 67%, making the task seem that much more impossible. With percentages increasing, it makes one wonder if it’s even worth trying to compete with the search giant that is Google? Bing seems to think so and continues to fight for a bigger piece of the search engine pie. With a marketing campaign directly targeting Google, the second place search engine did see an increase in their market share going to 16.5% (from a previous 16.3%), but ultimately gained over partner Yahoo, so the power couple’s share essentially remains the same at 28.6%.


In global news, a new name is making a splash. Russian search engine Yandex has surprisingly knocked Bing out of forth place and continues to gain in the global market share. And while it’s 2.8% may seem like small potatoes compared to Google’s 65.2%, it’s increasing presence in the search world is getting a buzz. Could “Just Yandex it?” be the search phrase of the future? Only time will tell…