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Google’s Wonder Wheel

November 26, 2010

SEO has been described as a marathon, slow and steady wins the race. You need to have patience and endurance to get to the finish line where you begin seeing results for your efforts. Your SEO team is your trainer, preparing you for the long road ahead, strengthening your site and building up your stamina. Key words can be seen as the starting line. Without targeted, high volume search terms you will fall behind your competition before the race even starts.

I recently learned about a great tool for key word research. It is called Wonder Wheel, and it is wondrous! The display is similar to the cloud-like brainstorms we used to create in elementary school. It feeds off a specific term and offers related terms to get your thoughts in motion.


1.     Google a term that you are interested in.

2.     On the top right hand side you will see a link to turn off Google Instant.

3.     On the left hand side, there will be new options available, click on Wonder Wheel.

4.     The brainstorm cloud appears and voila!

For example I started with “San Diego Apartments”, the cloud produces many options. Next I chose “Downtown San Diego Apartments”, then “Downtown San Diego Condos”, etc. Google’s Wonder Wheel is a great place to start when thinking about possible key terms to incorporate into your SEO campaign.