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How Do You Know Keywords Are Still Related to Search Traffic?

September 27, 2013

So as you know from our blog post earlier in the week, rumor has it that Google is going to make an effort to change what we can see in our beloved Google Analytics. In Jori and Richie’s newest blog about (Not Provided) Keywords, we learned that Google will no longer be giving us information on what actual keywords are being referred to your site. No worries, as we have analyzed much data in the past so we know that our keywords are related to search traffic.

Search Engine Keyword Rankings:

Search engine rankings offer a nice indicator that the keywords you focus on are getting traffic to your site. Even if you’re on page 2 or 3 for your main keyword “Best Dog Toys” – there can be search related keywords or longer tail keywords that help to increase traffic. You have to think about all of the other strings of keywords we help you to ranking for.

Long Tail Keywords:

So you’re on page 4 for “Best Dog Toys”? We know that you want to be on page 1 for that keyword, but you also have to think of the longer string of keywords such as “Best Dog Toys,” “Best Local Dog Toys,” “best dog toys in San Diego,” “San Diego Dog Toys,” “Dog Toy Store,” and more that are also bringing you traffic. Even though those keywords may not be “included” in your actual campaign, we still put focus on search related keywords. And it’s still very important to rank for relatable and longer tail keywords. You want to be optimized for search traffic.

Search Related Keywords:

Now how do we put focus on these? By providing quality content to your site! Content is still king. Content is very important, not only on-site, but off-site as well. We look at “search related” keywords and weave them into your campaign where it sounds natural.

The Way to Find this Data:

You can see what users are typing into search queries via Google Webmaster Tools. Here you can find impressions (people actually seeing your website link on Google), and how many people are actually clicking on them (clicks). This gives us an idea of the search related terms (or long tail terms) that are helping your campaign overall.

The End Result:

Take a look at the percent of new visits, has it increased? Bounce rate: is the percentage lowering? And your target URLs, are they one of your most visited landing page? Search engine traffic numbers, are they are up? If so, this is a perfect way to indicate that your keywords are performing.

Again, (not provided) keywords are nothing to worry about – there are many other ways to analyze your traffic! Give us a call if you need any further information!

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