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How to do a Google Reconsideration Request

October 29, 2010

Recently I took on a client site who was penalized in the past from a previous SEO company that had worked on the site.

More often then not, when you see your site performing poorly or not ranking for keywords that it once was, you can ask Google to reconsider the site.  Many times a domain that had a previous domain owner could have “baggage” preventing its ranking.

A few signs to look out for include: A sudden drop in rankings, internal pages are ranking but not the home page, When you search for your domain the URL doesn’t display in Google.

How to be Reconsidered:

1) Sign in to Webmaster Tools with your Google Account.

2) Make sure you have added and verified the site you want reconsidered.

3) Request reconsideration of your site.

Things to think about:

  •  If you feel like you are at fault for the issue, correct the issue, and make a full confessions to Google about your mistake.
  • It takes time, an average recoverey of 2-6 months.