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How to Link YouTube with Google Plus

August 13, 2013

Every day, businesses are turning to YouTube channels as another tool in their social media marketing belt. Videos uploaded by businesses to YouTube can be instructional, advertisements… or, you know, this:

Not only is this a great way to raise brand awareness and brand recognition, but there is always the potential for a video to go viral and get seen by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. It’s a simple equation, really…  the more people see your videos, the more successful that video has been in terms of marketing. One way to ensure maximum exposure for a video, is to link your YouTube profile to your Google Plus page.

Linking YouTube to Google Plus – A Guide (With Pictures)

1)      Linking your email address to your Google Plus business profile.

If you do not have a Google Plus business profile already, then you can actually just skip directly to the next step because you can create your profile in the linking process. But if you do have a business profile already, you will need to make sure that the email address you have registered to manage YouTube channel is also the manager of your Google Plus business page.


First, login to Google Plus then go to your business profile page:


Then go to the managers tab:


If the email profile linked to your email address is already listed, great news. You can proceed directly to step two. If not, you will need to add a new manager:



Make sure you accept the invitation that you’ve sent yourself before moving on to the next step. Also, as a nice gesture, feel free to send yourself chocolates and flowers as well if you like.

2)      Connecting with Google Plus page from YouTube.

Now the excitement begins. Once you have completed step one (or skipped that step entirely because you don’t have a Google Plus business profile yet), you’ll need to go login at

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll need to get to your settings:


Click advanced, and you will be brought to this screen:


Click the giant blue “Connect with a Google+ Page” button, and that will open a new menu:


It is important to note that the “Choose a Better Name” option will prompt you to create a new Google Plus business page; only choose that option if you don’t have one or want to create a new one for whatever reason. For those who just went through the process of adding yourself as a manager, you’ll want the “Use your Google+ profile name” option.

And that’s it. Once you select that and continue, you will receive notification that your channel has been updated accordingly.