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How to Use TikTok for Your Marketing Game

October 31, 2020

First there was MySpace, then Facebook, and then Instagram. Now, there’s TikTok – a new and highly popular video clip sharing app. The social tool lets you create a 15-second video which is shared with followers, or the TikTok public. Already, more than a billion installations of the TikTok app have taken place, with that largest demographic being those of the Gen Z era.

While TikTok is most popular among preteens, teens, and young adults, it’s not off limit to adults and professionals. In fact, if you’re looking for a new way to get your brand into social media, look no further. This is the space where your product or service was meant to be advertised. Here’s what you should understand about TikTok and how it can benefit your marketing game.

Consumers Love Comedy

This isn’t news; everybody knows that funny clips, memes, videos and posts are always going to share well among social media users. Why? Because they’re positive, they make a statement, and they pick you up when you’re down. TikTok provides the perfect platform to share something silly with your friends and followers. Add music to a goofy gag at the office and post it for all to see, show off the latest in your product lineup being used in a silly skit, or simply post a video of your staff miming the words to a hot song on the top 40. Whatever the case, this will prove to social media users that you’re one of them. Your brand isn’t just some stuffy corporate suit, it’s the real deal and it’s relatable.

It’s Cheap and Easy

TikTok is a cheap and easy way to market your brand without breaking the bank. Unlike paid Facebook ads, TikTok posts are still mainly user generated. This means you have a chance to forego the expensive pay to click option and simply exercise your creative freedom online.

Take turns in the office, choosing which videos to make and upload and have a designated day or days for TikTok time. This is fun for your followers and fun for your staff. You might be surprised at how quickly it takes off, and how often your videos are shared.

Get Involved with the Youth

The preteen and teen age group is one of the hardest to tape into. Kids are simple, they love toys, or their parents are choosing practical gifts for them. Adults want things that make life easier, that help them work, run their households, have a social life, etc. Teenagers are a mystery to many businesses, and it’s no wonder with their ever changing and youthful take on life. TikTok opens a window into the lives and likes of this age group like never before. You can see exactly what they’re interested in by what’s trending on TikTok.

If nothing else, using TikTok could help you perfect your other social media accounts, blog, or website to target Gen Z consumers. By using information and images which are popular, you have a better chance of appearing relevant in youth culture and like an authority in your field.

TikTok is Still New

A great advantage TikTok offers your business is its newness. It’s taking off at phenomenal speeds but it’s still in its infancy stage. This gives you an opportunity to grow with the social media site. Getting in early and becoming a well-known supplier of popular clips will make you a force to be reckoned with when the site gets bigger and begins to maintain more of a steady place in the internet community, like Facebook and Twitter has.

Using new social media brands like TikTok as they appear also puts you in a prime position to reach new audiences; people using TikTok might not be on Facebook or Instagram. You could see a whole new demographic of people ready to learn about your product or service and being a loyal customer.

TikTok Influencers Aren’t as Hard to Connect With

For social media sights with a long standing and high-ranking profiles, it’s tough to get connected with an influencer when you’re a small or new company. TikTok is so new that it’s not quite so hard to find popular clip creators who would be willing to work with you and promote your brand and business on their account.

Working together with other TikTok users is a great way to build brand recognition on the site and create your own long list of followers.

Trying TikTok

However you choose to use TikTok, just know that getting involved is the first step in something bigger. If Instagram is any indication of what a new visual-based social media site can do online, the creators of TikTok have it made in the shade. Even if it doesn’t pan out to be something your company uses regularly, seeing what it’s all about could open doors to further expansion into social media down the road. It also shows your customers that you’re flexible and able to evolve with them.

Creating a TikTok account and getting started is as easy as clicking a few buttons. You can download the app through Google Play store or the AppStore free of charge. The sign up and creation of your profile is straight forward, and once you’ve got everything in place you’re ready to upload your first video. You’ll receive recommendations for videos you might be interested in, which could come in handy should you want to collaborate in the future with any TikTok superstars.