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If Content Is King, what should I write about?

February 6, 2013

If you’re a marketeer, you’ve no doubt seen the hundreds of articles this year stating that content, content, content is the way to go for 2013.

We’ve talked about content before, many a time actually.  Here, here and here.  So, you know that moment where someone says, ‘We told you so!’  Well, we told you so.  And if you look at one of our posts, we were barking on about this back in 2010.  Yes, three years ago.

So let’s run over a few ideals on what content should be about.

Keywords in content:

There has been a lot of talk as to whether keywords should be put into content.  The absolute rule is, yes – just make it look natural.  This goes for the most static content and your blog postings.

If for instance, you run a ‘Multi family apartment’ development company in San Diego.  It makes sense for you to put ‘We are a MultiFamily Developer in San Diego’ into your content.  This helps your ranking for that keyword (as long as everything else is good) and tells Google what you’re trying to convey.

Where it get’s spammy, is when you try to mention that keyword lots of different times in one piece of content, essentially trying to trick Google into thinking you’re REALLY relevant for that keyword!


Who wants to read a boring piece of text.  No one, and that includes your visitors.  Content should be informative, relevant and to the point.  Ideally, visitors probably don’t want to read anything more than a few paragraphs.

Try and think of the websites you’ve visited where you actually stick around and read what the brand has to say.  And remember those sites that look long, laborious and have left you pressing the back button in seconds!!


Content is made to be shared.  So put some facts in there that are likely to get people sharing on facebook, re-tweeting and Gplussing.   This is a popularity contest after all!  If budgets are low, it’s not always feasible to have a fancy infographic or brochure designed.  So try to and get creative.  Ikea for instance, recently ran a campaign on Facebook posting a series of pictures of ready made rooms around their store (we’ve all seen them) Users were invited to tag their name on the items they wanted to try and win and the competition exploded.  This of course had thousands of people tagging their name on one picture, but you get the idea!

This no doubt tells you that you should be pushing your content into your social channels.  You can tell who has shared, re-tweeted and found your piece interesting.  This gives you a good idea of what to discuss in the future that grabs your audience’s attention.  If you’re writing about your latest development, try using some hashtags on Twitter to allow more people to find it.  See below a tweet SEOhaus sent out that used good associations to gain some attention, all the while educating our audience.

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