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Improve Your Videos and Marketing on YouTube

April 26, 2019

You might be surprised to learn that after Google, the website with the most searches is YouTube. It’s a social media platform and search engine in one, bringing together internet users from around the globe. Video has become the top form of visual content on the internet with vlogs outweighing blogs and podcasts.

For newcomers to the YouTube home front, or for those who have been around but can’t seem to get their account off the ground, this is for you. There are many ways to improve your videos and market your business over YouTube. Here are 5 of the best ways to get noticed and keep viewers coming back to your content.

1. Give it all Away Up Front: The title of your video says a lot. In fact, it should tell your viewers exactly what they’re about to see. Sure, you’ve got an entire description field to fill this data in, but your title is the first thing to catch a user’s eye. If the title isn’t attention grabbing, nobody’s going to bother reading that long-winded description you’ve put all that time into.

What can you do to make your title more likeable? For one, use keywords which are relatable with your brand; words and phrases that might link your website and blog to your video. Also, be honest and transparent with your viewers, none of this click-bait that’s gotten so popular over the past few years. Consumers are wise to this activity and will avoid anything that looks remotely like a scam. If you’ve got a video about street food in Japan, say so. Jazz the title up a bit by adding something unique to your experience, for example. “Octopus balls and mayo? My first Takoyaki in Japan!” It explains where you are, what you’re doing in the video, and personalizes it with something your audience will be excited to see.

2. Focus on Length: From time to time, it’s fun to see a long video on YouTube, but most viewers are stopping by on their way to bigger and better things. What does that mean? They’re viewing videos in the dentist waiting room, or while they commute to work on the subway, or while the dog is being groomed. Many YouTube users are using this site to pass time and a 20-minute video is an investment they might not be able to make.

3-minutes is a good length for any basic video. It gives your audience something they can sink their teeth into without having to pause and restart throughout the day. A quick video of substance is attractive on many levels and more likely to get shared.

3. Create an Epic Thumbnail: Just as your title needs to be interesting, unique and eye catching, so too does your thumbnail. Use a high-quality image during a key moment in your video to represent it best. No blurry shots of moving cars, opened mouth mid-conversation pics or back of the head views. Instead, choose the right point to capture what you want your audience to see. Draw them in and create motivation for engagement such as sharing and comments.

4. Make Your Brand the Star: Your company is recognized by the brand you present to the public and your YouTube channel should show that to the world. Use your logo, company photos, hashtags and keywords to personalize your channel and better represent your business. When YouTube users find your site, are they being reminded of your products and services or do they assume it’s just another account full of mobile phone reviews or travel videos.

Branding your YouTube page not only helps customers recognize it as your own, it also defines you from the crowd. In a sea of millions, it takes something special to set you apart from competitors and the ample supply of interesting videos updated each day.

5. Reach Out: Consumers love nothing more than being asked to participate in projects with their favorite channels. From submitting questions for an intimate Q&A session to uploading their own response videos to yours, YouTubers love to share. Make your channel more popular by using the popularity of other channels to influence your own. Reach out to other YouTubers and invite them to your channel or offer your services on theirs. You can also interact in the same way with fans and followers.

One way to do this is by creating a local contest for YouTubers in your area who want to take part in an upcoming product launch video. Invite someone to be the first to try your latest pair of sneakers, listen to your latest audio track, or eat your latest culinary delight – all on the air. This is an excellent way to promote your new product, engage customers, and become more fun and relatable to consumers in general.

However you choose to make videos and interact with your followers, remember that like written content, quality counts. It costs more to invest in a good quality camera and microphone, but if you plan on using YouTube often, it’s well worth the expense. When your viewers can hear you clearly and see images well they’re more likely to share with others. Videos with choppy camera work and fuzzy microphones tend to be overlooked or stopped part way through in favor of higher quality work. This is your brand and your business on the line. The videos you make should represent that to the world.